The Dope (6/10)
Start 20:05 / End 21:35
The South German band The Dope, to not confuse it with the American Nu-Metal band “Dope”, had the honor to open the Berlin date of Band Of Skulls at the venue Lido, a place now become a fix appointment for the Indie Rock lovers in Berlin after the Festsaal burned out. The Dope is a project born by the minds of Rudi and Franz, able to create an interesting music proposal based mainly on American Indie Rock, which has arrived at its second release “Hinterlandia”. With just electric guitar and drums, the duo offered a variegated show on stage, alternating aggressive songs with other more Pop-oriented. The Dope was able to impregnate all songs with nice melodies, that remained stick in head. Nice local band indeed.

Band Of Skulls (8/10)
Start 22:05 / End 23:25
Band Of Skulls is an English trio with a brand new album “Himalayan”, the third of its not long but successful career, out some weeks ago and positively acclaimed by fans and critic. Together since the time of college, this has been even reflected by the harmony and the tuning showed by the members on the stage: it’s personally mix of Alternative Rock, Blues and Hard Rock was something unique and able to let flow energy and enthusiasm from the stage to the audience, which acclaimed and participated actively to the show. A various audience composed by young people and middle-ages couples testified the wide success achieved by Band Of Skulls, which scored a sold out date here in Berlin. Opening with the first song of the new album “Asleep At The Wheel”, Band Of Skulls continued playing a setlist, where found place more than the half of the songs present in “Himalayan”. All the other hits haven’t been forgotten by the band: pieces  as “You aren’t Pretty But You Got It Going On”, “Patterns”, “Bruises” and “The Devil Takes Care Of His Own”, were accompanied by the a screaming, singing and dancing audience. After about one hour of show, Band Of Skulls left the stage. Forced and motivated by the screaming audience, Band Of Skulls came back to the stage for a great encore opened by “Sweet Sour” and concluded by “Death By Diamonds And Pearls”. A band composed by skilled musicians, able to write songs that everyone likes, without sounding too mainstream or banal. Something pursued by many, but achieved by few.

Venue: Lido
Price: 17,20€ at Koka36
Setlist: Band Of Skulls

Berlin, 14.04.2014

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