I Ministri @White Trash Fast Food, Berlin

Posted: April 15, 2014 by Francesca Sai in Berlin, Rock, White Trash Fast Food
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I Ministri (9/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:20
The last gig of the European tour of the italian rock band “I Ministri” was in Berlin, at the White Trash, historical restaurant-club-tattoo studio of Prenzlauer Berg. The concert was organized by “Il Mitte”, an Italian online newspaper, that I personally thank for this present. Already some year ago a group of fans managed to bring the band to the german capital and let them perform there in the White Trash, in the “Keller”, the cellar, a dark and poky place, perfect for an alternative rock concert in the Ministri’s style! Berlin must be really much in the heart of those three guys from Milan, as they dedicated to the city a song ,”Berlino 3″ (“forse te l’han detto già, scappiamo sù a Berlino”, that means more or less “maybe they’ve already told you, we run away to Berlin”) and the cover “Alexander Platz” of Franco Battiato, another italian artist. Both the songs were played during the concert, with big satisfaction of the audience, mainly composed by italians living in Berlin. The performance was on fire from the very first song “Mammut” and went on with the same spirit. Also the public was totally passionate and got wild from the very beginning. I’ve counted at least three times stage diving of the singer and bass player Divi (Davide Autelitano) and two big bruises on my legs, sign that the concert was totally crazy and energetic. Divi, together with the guitarist Federico Dragogna and the drummer Michele Esposito were incredibly fit and offered a great show, with some of their best songs as “Comunque”, “Noi fuori”, “Abituarsi alla fine” and many others. The repertory of the band is quite “angry”, rock and dynamic, but there was anyway a moment of poetry with songs like “Una palude” and “Il bel canto”. Talking of the playlist, sign of the affection that the band has for their fans, they asked on their Facebook page to vote for the songs which were to be performed during the european tour. Affection that is also shown during the lives, as there’s a sort of communication between the artists on stage and the public, like old friends having fun together (but maybe it was just an impression because the place was very small?) Very funny also what is shared on the facebook page of the group: their adventures,funny posters and suggestion (interesting the european tour guide of “10 things to do, once you’re in…+ the city on call”). In conclusion, I Ministri didn’t betray the expectations and gave us a show full of energies, sensations and fun. We’re already looking forward to see you again in Berlin!

Venue: White Trash Fast Food
Price: 13,00€ writing to “redazione@ilmitte.com”
Setlist: I Ministri

Berlin, 13.04.2014

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