No Jaws (6/10)
Start 22:10 / End 22:40
No Jaws is a German band, formed in 2006 by Sami Chahrour und Marcus Wellnhofer under the name of “The Buyable Sluts Wanted For Stealing Virginity”. The decision to change the name in No Jaws has been taken last January, due to continuous problems related to the old name. After the release of the debut album “Atlantis” in 2012, No Jaws is going to release its second, but first under the new name, album “Young Blood” during this year. With a sound based mainly on the 90s American Indie Rock, No Jaws proposed its aggressive and melodic songs to an audience, that stayed unfortunately cold and not particularly interested. A pity because No Jaws, even if it didn’t shine for originality, offered a good opening show, with songs featured by a not banal songwriting and interesting riffs.

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Eagulls (7/10)
Start 23:00 / End 23:50
After having toured as opener with many big names of the English Rock scene, Eagulls has now the chance to show its value with its first European tour as headliner. Thanks to a strong press support, some controversial out-stage initiatives and great stage performances, the English band is enlarging its fan base day after day. After some Eps, Eagulls released its eponymous debut album just the last month, well acclaimed by the major music magazines, which contributed to reinforce the band popularity. Once come to the stage, Eagulls started with a violent Punk-version of the album opener “Nerve Endings”, going on presenting the other songs of the debut album, all strongly impregnated by its particular mix of Indie Rock and Post-Punk. Although the band couldn’t vary its proposal, playing songs only from a single album, it managed to keep the attention of the audience high, which followed involved and danced during the performance. Eagulls closed the set with “Possessed” and leave the stage without offering an encore to the attendees, after a short but tight and full of energy concert, which confirmed the good voices about this band, hoping that in future could reaffirm again this high quality results.

Venue: Magnet Club
Price: 14,40€ at Koka36
Setlist: Eagulls

Berlin, 25.04.2014

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