Next week concerts: 05 May – 11 May 2014

Posted: May 3, 2014 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, 05th of May

Dornenreich + Heretoir + Wassermanns Fiebertraum
What: Black metal, Neofolk
Venue: K17 at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 19,50€ at

The Pack A.D. + The Hip Priests
What: Garage rock
Venue: Berghain Kantine at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 14,50€ at Trinity Music

Tuesday, 06th of May

What: New rave indie rock
Venue: Berghain Kantine at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 21,50€ at Koka36

NOFX + The Lawrence Arms
What: Punk rock
Venue: Astra at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 27,40€ at Koka36 / sold out

H.E.A.T + Supercharger
What: Hard rock, Glam metal
Venue: C-Club at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 18,60€ at Trinity Music

Wednesday, 07th of May

Doomriders + Herder + Beastmilklone
What: Death´n´roll, Stoner metal
Venue: Lido at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 14,30€ at

Touché Amoré + Birds In Row + No Omega
What: Post-hardcore, Screamo
Venue: Magnet Club at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 20,25€ at Trinity Music

Wallis Bird + Robotnik
What: Folk
Venue: Postbahnhof at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 22,10€ at Koka36

Zachary Cale
What: Alternative country, Folk rock
Venue: Monarch at 21:00 o’clock
Price: Tickets at the door

Diane Cluck + Angy Lord
What: Singer songwriter
Venue: Ausland at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 10,00€ at Koka36

Thursday, 08th of May

Emiliana Torrini (XJAZZ Festival)
What: Indie pop, Trip hop
Venue: Bi Nuu at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 28,40€ at Koka36

Caliban + The Ghost Inside + The Devil Wears Prada + I Killed The Prom Queen
What: Metalcore
Venue: Huxleys Neue Welt at 18:30
Price: 28,30€ at Trinity Music

Neil Finn + Tiny Ruins
What: Art rock, New wave
Venue: Postbahnhof at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 27,50€ at

Friday, 09th of May

Crippled Black Phoenix + A Liquid Landscape
What: Prog rock, Neo-psychedelia
Venue: Kesselhaus at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 26,40€ at Koka36

La Dispute + O´Brother + Eugene Quell
What: Post-hardcore, Prog rock
Venue: Postbahnhof at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 18,30€ at Trinity Music

Carla Bozulich + Sturle Dagsland
What: Alternative rock, Noise
Venue: West Germany at 22:00 o’clock
Price: Tickets at the door

The Wood Brothers
What: Folk, Americana
Venue: Bassy Cowboy Club at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 10,00€ at Koka36

Micatone (XJAZZ Festival)
What: Nu-jazz
Venue: Privatclub at 21:45
Price: 17,00€ at Koka36

Soft Metals + Gazelle Twin + Sixth June
What: Synthpop, Shoegaze
Venue: Berghain Kantine at 21:30
Price: 13,40€ at Koka36

Astronautalis + Black Cracker
What: Alternative hip hop
Venue: SchwuZ at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 11,00€ at

Saturday, 10th of May

Nightmares On Wax + Jazzanova (XJAZZ Festival)
What: Electronica, Hip hop
Venue: Bi Nuu at 23:00 o’clock
Price: 25,00€ at Koka36

Kurt Rosenwinkel (XJAZZ Festival)
What: Jazz
Venue: Privatclub at 21:30
Price: 17,00€ at Koka36

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
What: Funk, Soul
Venue: Astra at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 33,90€ at Koka36

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