Herder (6/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:30
Herder is a band from Holland with the second full-length out in these days under the name “Gods”. The band proposed an honest Sludge/Doom Metal, strongly influenced by Hardcore Punk, which was able, song after song, to capture the audience’s attention and approval. Although Herder hadn’t nothing new to add regarding originality to this Metal style, the band offered a great performance, featured by a good mix of mid-tempo songs and other aggressive and fast pieces. Noteworthy was the performance of the frontman Ché Snelting, who didn’t stop a second inciting the audience, calling it nearer the stage and thanking it to have chosen this gig, instead of attending the concert of Touché Amore, only some hundreds meters away from there.

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Beastmilk (7/10)
Start 21:45 / End 22:25
Beastmilk is without any doubt one of the freshest and most interesting debut bands in 2013. With its album “Climax”, released last November and produced even by the Converge’s mind Kurt Ballou, this Finnish band surprised positively more than one person among music lovers and critics. Headed by Kvohst, a British singer/songwriter living currently in Helsinki and active also in other bands as Hexvessel, Dødheimsgard, Code, and Gangrenator, Beastmilk proposed a peculiar sound, oft defined as Apocalyptic Post-Punk. A sound able to let interact together Heavy Rock, Dark Rock and Post-Punk, creating an intense and visceral atmosphere, where the clean vocals of Kvohst made the lion’s share. Beastmilk offered a good performance with melody, energy and rhythm, well appreciated by the audience, which showed to have already good assimilated the songs of its debut album. A great band indeed, that for sure will offer us again interesting material in the future.

Doomriders (7/10)
Start 22:45 / End 23:45
The American band Doomriders has born from the mind of the Converge and Old Man Gloom member Nate Newton as side project in 2005. Now Doomriders released its third and latest album “Grand Blood” last October for Deathwish Inc., receiving again positive responses for its work.
After some technical difficulties at the beginning, Doomriders reversed on the faces of the attendees its blasting sound based on Death ‘n’ Roll and Hardcore Punk, with influences from Doom and Stoner Metal. With a setlist, which opened with hits as “Heavy Lies The Crown” and “The Long Walk”, continued with a block of songs from the latest album “Grand Blood” and closed with three bombs as “Jealous God”, “Black Thunder” and “Lions”, Doomriders (without considering the amazing three-songs encore) set the venue in fire with an impressive performance. The powerful and energetic atmosphere created by the band songwriting, was enriched by the powerful voice of Nate and the melodic riffs, coming out from the guitar of Chris Pupecki. Even if the band, especially Nate, did its best to involve all the attendees, only the first lines were active by really supporting and following the show. It seemed that part of the people was there mainly for Beastmilk and had already left the venue or stayed back passively, listening with curiosity to the Doomriders proposal. A pity indeed, because this band deserved without doubts the support and the audience of the best occasions.

Venue: Lido
Price: 14,30€ at
Setlist: Herder / Beastmilk / Doomriders

Berlin, 07.05.2014

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