Sylvan Esso (7/10)
Start 21:15 / End 21:45
Sylvan Esso is a duo composed by Amelia Randall Meath and Nicholas Sanborn, that has just released its self-titled debut album some days ago. The band has now the chance to let the music lovers know about its music, accompanying tUnE-yArDs in its European tour. Once come to the stage, Amelia and Nicholas needed only few minutes to confirm live the positive reviews received by their debut. Although confined in a corner of the stage, Sylvan Esso let the venue dance with its catchy Indietronic, able to take the distance from the several current artists in this music style with a very good balance of Electronic, Pop and Soul. The performance was even enhanced by the liquid and sinuous dance steps of Amelia, who with her charming voice seemed to capture the attention and approval of  every attendee. A really interesting band, which will bring us for sure nice surprises in future.

tUnE-yArDs (8/10)
Start 22:20 / End 23:40
The American musician Merrill Garbus is the mind behind the project tUnE-yArDs, started in 2006 after her militancy in the band Sister Suvi, and is now in Europe to present her brand new album “Nikki Nack”, out just one week ago. The agency Pushen has greatly organized the Berlin show in the Berghain, achieving without big efforts an obvious sold out, considering also the increasing popularity of this not conformist artist, who lent her song “Gangsta” even to American television shows as “Orange Is the New Black”, “Weeds” and “The Good Wife”. Merrill Garbus came to stage accompanied by the screams of an already well warmed audience, together with Nate Brenner on the bass, Dani Markham on percussion, Jo Lampert and Abigail Nessen-Beng as choristers. All members wore tribal clothes with strong gaudy colors, and when Merrill started with percussions, immediately followed and supported by the rest of the band, it seemed really to attend a sort of voodoo ritual in a lost tropical island in the middle of the ocean. The setlist proposed many pieces of the new work, without forgetting the most famous hits, that made the whole venue jump and dance. tUnE-yArDs offered again an impressive show, based on its original sound, which mix together in a harmonious way Indie Pop, Afrobeat and R&B. It’s always a pleasure to admire Merrill on stage, creating live drums loops and laying these with her unique vibrant voice and the magic sound of her ukulele, become in the meantime a trademark of tUnE-yArDs sound. A great and original artist, able to amaze everybody with her live performance and her singular voice.

Venue: Berghain
Price: 17,60€ at
Setlist: tUnE-yArDs

Berlin, 14.05.2014

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