Cold Cave (7/10)
Start 19:30 / End 20:10
Cold Cave had the privilege to open the Berlin show of Nine Inch Nails, as chosen one for the European tour. A comprehensible choice thinking to the music proposal and the attitude of Wes Eisold, the only mind behind this band. Cold Cave was live support by Amy Lee: both are collaborating now since about one year with great results considering their live show. For those who had the opportunity to admire Cold Cave the last year at Urban Spree, was clear that the outdoor location, big stage and the still present sunlight could be nothing but disadvantages for Cold Cave’s show. Wes Eisold managed even under these conditions to offer a great performance with its music: an interesting mix of Synthpop and Darkwave, that made the people dance and warm, waiting for His Majesty. We are all waiting for the long announced new album: it should be released within this year and should have the name “Sunflowers”. We hope to take away these “should” as soon as possible!

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Nine Inch Nails (9/10)
Start 20:30 / End 22:30
Zitadelle Spandau is a fortress build in the 16th century for defensive scopes and certainly not for concerts: it is one of the worst venues ever for gigs, due to terrible acoustics, echoes and sound dispersion.
Despite the above, as soon as the notes Me, I’m Not started resounding between the walls of this fort, NIN fans were immediately absorbed in the distorted world of Nine Inch Nails.
This is one of the most important bands – although the only official member is the one-man-band Trent Reznor – of the 90s, since they managed to merge brilliantly industrial, electro and rock music, reaching a deserved planetary success with their masterpiece The Downward Spiral that puts in music the inner torments of Mr. Self-Destruct.
When the band entered the stage, daylight was still intense enough to dampen the smoke and light effects that accompanied the whole show and that got stronger and stronger as the dark started prevailing on the light. NIN delighted their fans with a spectacular 2 hours show: the well-selected setlist included a great mix of classics and more recent songs, so the audience remained in pure ecstasy for the whole duration of the gig, moshing and people-surfing most of the time. Trent showed to be in great shape and when NIN closed their concert with the wonderful Hurt, the completely full Zitadelle sang along in unison. Shivers!
NIN gigs are a must go, hope they come back soon.

Venue: Zitadelle Spandau
Price: 48,05€ at
Setlist: Nine Inch Nails

Berlin, 15.05.2014

  1. friedlvongrimm says:

    Still counting my bruises.^^

  2. Sebgob says:

    Nice review!

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