Teresa Mascianà (6/10)
Start 22:30 / End 23:05
The South-Italian singer songwriter Teresa Mascianà was invited to open the Berlin date of Dente, the first of the two shows inside the mini festival “Riviera Fest” at Arena Glashaus, organized by Megaherz Booking and the on-line magazine Il Mitte. Despite of the fact that her song “Don’t love me” belongs to the only Italian film at the current Cannes Festival and is being played every 5 minutes at many major train stations in Italy, for sure a lot of attendees yesterday evening asked themselves: who is now Teresa Mascianà? Accompanied on the stage by the acoustic guitar of Enzo Rotox Rotondaro, Teresa presented a selection of songs taken by her already released two albums. Her proposal, although not particularly original, was based on an honest mix of Pop and Folk, enhanced by the great work of Enzo on the guitar, which was good received by the audience. A nice opening set from a gently artist, able to make music from the heart.

Dente (8/10)
Start 23:20 / End 24:40
After his acoustic show last May in Berlin, Dente had the opportunity again to play  in front of his Berlin fans, supported now by his complete band. Giuseppe Peveri is the guy behind the name Dente, but it would be reductive not considering his band, which is composed by great musicians and was able to give a special flavour to the live version of his songs. With a shorter setlist, compared to the Italian shows, Dente proposed a fine selection of songs from his albums, privileging the latest work “Almanacco Del Giorno Prima”, out at the beginning of this year. Even if Dente complained to have been forced to use the acoustic guitar stolen to his friend Dario Brunori the evening before in Paris, and to have the feeling to wear someone else shoes, he realized to offer an amazing show based on his special fusion of Indie Pop and Folk Rock. Dente achieved to take and review the Italian songwriters school in a personal way, where it’s still possible to recognize the footprints of masters as Lucio Battisti, Rino Gaetano e Francesco De Gregori. A great performance, where his laid-back style and melancholic undertones matched perfectly with other Country Rock rearranged songs, creating a various show, which seemed to be really good appreciated by the audience. An audience that sang along his hits, danced with him and laughed to his continuous jokes, wordplays and stories. A great artist with a great band for a great show: a rare example of how simple things could be just amazing.

Venue: Arena Glashaus
Price: 17,50€ at Koka36
Setlist: Dente

Berlin, 17.05.2014

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