Matteo Tambussi (7/10)
Start 21:30 / End 22:00
The second and last show of the first edition of the Riviera Fest was opened by the extraordinarily skilled Italian singer, songwriter and guitarist Matteo Tambussi. Already known in Italy as the main singer of Eskinzo and Baroque bands, he decided to take his chances in Berlin as a solo artist. Accompanied by talented drummer Alessio D’Alessandro, Matteo entertained the audience with very good stuff ranging from Rock to Blues and Folk music. With his magic warm voice and his laid back style, he managed to warm up the audience and make them forget for a while that he was only the supporting artist of evening and not the main one. Good luck!

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Lo Stato Sociale (8/10)
Start 22:30 / End 23:45
Young, talented and blasting, this band (Alberto Cazzola, Lodo Guenzi, Alberto Guidetti, Enrico Roberto e Francesco Draicchio) managed to captivate the audience with their explosive mixture of smiles, cigarettes, lights, sounds, jokes, sweat and even dance moves going on the stage of the first edition of the Riviera Fest. Although the setlist was not really long, the group was totally passionate and could embrace the audience from the beginning right to the end with their joy, sarcasm and criticism towards Italian society, politics and economic situation. All done with their distinctive ironic style. Apart from already well-known songs, such as “Mi sono rotto il cazzo”, “Cromosomi”, “Quello che le ragazze dicono”, “Abbiamo vinto la guerra”, “Ladro di cuori col bruco”, the group presented even new songs taken from their upcoming record “L’Italia peggiore” that will be released on June, 2nd. This day, every year, Italy celebrates its “Republic Day” to remember June 2nd 1946, when for the first time men and women had the right to vote together and decided that Italy should be a Republic. Since nowadays this has become the day of military parades, aerobatic demonstrations and flags, Lo Stato Sociale decided to give the royalties of every cd sold in shops from this day on for two weeks to Emergency. As already said, the Berlin audience got the chance to listen to some tracks from this album, such as “Senza macchine che vadano a fuoco”, “La musica non è una cosa seria”, “Piccoli incendiari non crescono”, “Io,te e Carlo Marx”, “Questo è un grande paese” (featuring Piotta in the album and a great boy-band coreography on stage!!!), “Dozzinale” e “C’eravamo tanto sbagliati”. Judging from this little preview, the album should be as powerful as their first one was! Very well done!

Venue: Arena Glashaus
Price: 11,50€ at Koka36
Setlist: Lo Stato Sociale

Berlin, 20.05.2014

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