Sun Araw & Laraaji – The Play Zone (8/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:45
The evening starts of with a dj set by Deep Magic a.k.a. Alex Gray. Unfortunately this takes place in an almost empty Urban Spree since everybody is still enjoying the quite warm evening outside and having a drink. That certainly would have been danceable at times. At about 21:30 Sun Araw enters the stage and together with Alex Gray he starts his concert with a smooth transition. Sun Araw plays guitar and keyboard and even does some singing, too. Alex Gray plays Macbook and together they get into quite hypnotic but tricky rhythms and psychedelic guitar sounds. Fuck dance let’s art!  At about 22:00 Laraaji completes the stage and chimes in with auto-harp and some percussion stuff. Furthermore he sings some mantra-like stuff. It’s all very organic but nevertheless there are some breaks so the audience can vent some applause. At 22:45 Deep Magic and Sun Araw left the stage and Laraaji perform alone. I had to leave, too, so i don’t know how it all ended but i’m quite sure all ended well.

Pictures as usual on Flickr, too!

Venue: Urban Spree
Price: 10,00€ at the door

Berlin, 28.05.2014

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