The Dead Lovers (7/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:35
The Dead Lovers is a relative new Berlin based band formed by Lula, who collaborated with Lee Hazlewood, and by Wayne Jackson, known as former member and founder of the band The Dostoyevskys, which achieved a cult status in the 90s. The band was selected as opener for the German dates of Sivert Høyem, and resulted in a nice surprise for the audience, which saw it for the first time. Lula and Wayne started with just acoustic guitar and their sensual voices, to add them bass and drums playing an electric set, really well appreciated by the Berlin audience. The Dead Lovers proposed its repertoire with songs taken by its debut album, which was released this month, and warmed with success the audience with its simple but effective melodies, based on a sexy Retro Rock sound, enhanced by the great voices of Lula and Wayne. The Dream Lovers is without discussion a band which will give us nice surprises in future.

Sivert Høyem (9/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:50
Heimathafen Neukölln couldn’t be better choice as location for the show of Sivert Høyem, who delighted the Berlin audience, including this city in his three dates German tour. The vocalist of the in 2007 disbanded Norwegian Rock band Madrugada is promoting now his latest album “Endless Love” of his solo career, out just weeks ago, and it was the perfect occasion to admire live his warm and raucous voice. The band came punctually at 22:00 o’clock to the stage and attacked the audience with three guitars performing the song “Shadows”: it started being clear for everyone that the night would have been something special and unique. Sivert proposed many pieces of the new album, without forgetting the best songs of his solo career and, above all, songs of the unfortunately too early disappeared band Madrugada. We could only thank Sivert keeping the spirit of this fabulous band still alive with his live shows, because songs as “Honeybee”, “Look Away Lucifer” and “Majesty” are simply amazing songs and they don’t have to be forgotten at all. Sivert was accompanied on stage by great musicians, that created a powerful atmosphere, where positive energy could flow from the stage and fill the whole venue. Able to switch from acoustic and intimate pieces, alone on the stage, to other songs where electric distorted guitars, bass and drums dominated the scene, Sivert Høyem impressed the audience and offered an unforgettable show, which, even after two encores, seemed to don’t have satiated the Berlin attendees, going on to ask for more of this great Rock music.

Venue: Heimathafen Neukölln
Price: 22,00€ at
Setlist: Sivert Høyem

Berlin, 27.05.2014

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