Tombstones (7/10)
Start 20:20 / End 21:00
Tombstones is a Norwegian Doom band, that started in 2006 and its latest album “Red Skies and Dead Eyes” came out last October, accompanied by positive responses. The trio, composed by Bjørn on guitar, Ole on bass and Jørn Inge on drums, offered to the bounce of people gathered in front of the stage a flood of pure Stoner / Doom Metal, enriched by the double clean vocals of Bjørn and Ole. Its proposal took the basis of Doom, didn’t try to add any experimentation, focusing to the power of its sound. Briefly, Tombstones didn’t invent anything news, but what Tombstones did, it did it well and this band deserved attention without doubts!

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Witch Mountain (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 21:50
Witch Mountain is an American band from Portland, with a particular history, since it began in 1997, released its debut album in 2001 and then slowed down in 2002, until the singer Uta Plotkin joined in 2009 and brought new lymph to Witch Mountain. The last album “Cauldron of the Wild” is dated 2012 and the new one is planned for the next September: some new songs were even presented live in preview. Witch Mountain impressed everybody with its powerful and apocalyptic Doom, a sound that adsorbed the lesson of master as Candlemass and showed similarities to current Doom bands as Windhand, but keeping always its peculiar features. Nate Carson on drums and the last arrived Charles Thomas provided the rhythmic base, slow as the slowest funeral march, where Rob Wrong plays his Doom riffs, alternatively to great solos at the speed of light, and Uta Plotkin amazed everybody with her magnificent voice, able to reach the sky with high notes or touch the hell with her growling. A great band that confirmed live its high quality and made us excited and curios to listen to the upcoming album next September!

Bloody Hammers (7/10)
Start 22:05 / End 22:50
Bloody Hammers from North Carolina has formed just two years ago, but it has released already its third album “Under Satan’s Sun” just this year. This American prolific band, which took the name from a song of the psych-rock Rocky Erickson, had the hard task to play after the great Witch Mountain’s show, and unfortunately most of the people, who left the venue during the pause, didn’t come back to listen to Bloody Hammers. The band acted professional and gave its best to the bounce of people still present in Cassiopeia. Bloody Hammers performed a show, based on its quite original sound, composed by a not banal mix of Gothic Rock, Hard Rock, and Doomrock, reminding sometimes to a stoner version of Alice Cooper. The result was fresh and interesting, thanks to the guitar work of Zoltan and the clean vocals of Anders Manga, who at the end had to cut the show earlier due to some problems with his voice. The audience really appreciated the effort of the band, sustaining it and trying to convince Bloody Hammers to keep playing and to don’t leave the stage. A nice show, affected by some problems, that we hope we could attend soon again, to appreciate the potentiality of Bloody Hammers at its best!

Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 12,00€ at Stateless Society´s website

Berlin, 03.06.2014

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