Next week concerts: 09 Jun – 15 Jun 2014

Posted: June 7, 2014 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, 09th of June

Aerosmith + Walking Papers
What: Hard rock, Blues rock
Venue: o2 World at 20:00 o’clock
Price: from 51,15€ to 91,40€ at Trinity Music

Arms and Sleepers
What: Ambient, Trip hop
Venue: Comet Club at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 11,70€ at Trinity Music

The Devil Makes Three
What: Country, Folk
Venue: Bi Nuu at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 13,90€ at Trinity Music

SEA + AIR +  Börgerding + Schmidts Kater
What: Indie pop
Venue: Lido at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 19,20€ at Koka36

Greg Haines + Peter Broderick
What: Folk music, Instrumental
Venue: Berghain Kantine at 21:00 o’clock
Price: 14,00€ at Koka36

Tuesday, 10th of June

The Rolling Stones + The Temperance Movement
What: Blues rock, Rhythm & blues
Venue: Waldbühne at 19:00 o´clock
Price: from 161,50€ to 247,50€ at / sold out

What: Post-hardcore, Alternative metal
Venue: SO36 at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 25,85€ at Trinity Music

Flogging Molly + Sean and Zander
What: Folk punk, Celtic punk
Venue: Astra at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 32,15€ at Trinity Music

Pink Mountaintops
What: Psychedelic rock
Venue: Privatclub at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 15,40€ at

The Used + At The Farewell Party
What: Alternative rock, Post-hardcore
Venue: Magnet Club at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 24,15€ at Trinity Music

Wednesday, 11th of June

Obituary + Dehuman Reign + Requital
What: Death metal
Venue: Bi Nuu at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 20,30€ at

Spirit Caravan + Red Stoner Sun
What: Stoner, Doom metal
Venue: Cassiopeia at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 15,40€ at

Phèdre + Rodeo
What: Synthpop, Electronic
Venue: Monarch at 22:00 o´clock
Price: Tickets at the door

Thursday, 12th of June

Archie Bronson Outfit
What: Alternative rock, Blues rock
Venue: Magnet Club at 20:00 o’clock
Price: 17,50€ at Trinity Music

Primitive Man + Wake
What: Doom, Sludge metal
Venue: Koma F at 21:00 o’clock
Price: Tickets at the door

Suicide Silence + Thy Art Is Murder
What: Deathcore
Venue: Bi Nuu at 19:30
Price: 23,50€ at Trinity Music

Mobb Deep + The Smells
What: Hip hop
Venue: Astra at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 39,50€ at Koka36

Friday, 13th of June

Jeffrey Lewis & the Jrams
What: Anti-folk
Venue: Berghain Kantine at 22:00 o´clock
Price: 13,40€ at Koka36

The Kooks + Johnny Lloyd
What: Indie rock, Britpop
Venue: Heimathafen Neukölln at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 24,90€ at Koka36 / sold out

Girls Names
What: Noise pop
Venue: Privatclub at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 13,90€ at Trinity Music

Las Kellies
What: Post-punk, Dub
Venue: Bei Ruth at 21:00 o’clock
Price: Tickets at the door

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