Walking Papers (6/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:40
Walking Papers is a young band, formed in Seattle in 2012, but composed by veterans of the Hard Rock’n’roll scene, as Duff McKagan on bass from Guns N’Roses and former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin. The band is completed then by Jeff Angell on vocals and guitar, and by Benjamin Anderson on keyboards, both coming from the band The Missionary Position. Walking Papers showed to know how to stay on a big stage and in front of a large audience. Its catchy songs, alternating between Rock pieces and slow ballads, were well appreciated and could warm up the attendees. Its proposal didn’t add anything new to this music genre, but its energetic and passionate songs worked quite well. Duff McKagan on stage enriched without doubts the scenic presence of this band, which didn’t deface as opening act for Aerosmith.

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Aerosmith (8/10)
Start 21:30 / End 23:30
After Black Sabbath at Wuhlheide, Berlin offered to its music fans also Aerosmith at O2 World, an air-conditioned indoor arena, against the African temperature outside. The American band, formed in Boston in 1970, called by many even “The Bad Boys from Boston” or the “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, is hitting Europe with its “Let Rock Rule Tour”: after 44 years Aerosmith hasn’t stopped touring and producing music, even if its latest album “Music from Another Dimension!”, went out at the end of 2012. Although the golden age of Aerosmith was between the 70s and the 80s, the band is still today an example for who plays Hard Rock / Blues Rock. Starting from these music genres, Aerosmith was able during its career to add elements of Pop, Heavy Metal and Rhythm and Blues, inspiring many bands. After 10 minutes of backstage live video, projected on the widescreen behind the stage, showing each band member preparing himself for the show, Aerosmith came to the stage on the note of “‘Train Kept A-Rollin´”, a cover of Tiny Bradshaw, and the arena exploded of joy, admiring Steven and Joe at the end of the stage shelter, almost at the centre of the venue. The setlist was a sort of greatest hits, all the most loved and famous songs were played, as “Eat The Rich”, “Love In A Elevator”, “Cryin'”, “Jaded”, “Rag Doll”, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and many others for about two hours show. After have played its famous two covers “Come Together” and “Walk This Way”, Aerosmith left the stage to come back for the encore, where it played “Dream On”, one of the first power ballads ever, with Steve playing the piano and Joe his guitar standing above it, and “Sweet Emotion”, on the note of that, Aerosmith said goodbye to the audience and left the stage. It was impressive to see live these over 60-musicians, still giving their best after so many years: Brad Whitford on guitar, Tom Hamilton on bass, and Joey Kramer on drums offered a great performance, even staying back from the focus of the show, which was mainly held by the two Bad Boys: Joe Perry with his electric guitar, still able to excite the fans with his riffs and solos, and Steven Tyler, with a funny “Jack Sparrow-look”, who singed, danced, run and jumped for two hours as a possessed, showing that his vocal range is still in great condition and that he still loves what he does. Aerosmith doesn’t need new albums, in 44 years it produced so many hits that it could tour and fill arenas still for many years. A great band made by professional musicians, able to touch your heart and also to let you raise your fists to sky and singing loud full of joy.

Venue: O2 World
Price: from 51,15€ to 91,40€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Aerosmith

Berlin, 09.06.2014

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