Soundgarden (8/10)
Start 19:30 / End 20:30
To admire Soundgarden as opening band, it’s something that doesn’t happen everyday and it testify the importance and the majesty of a band called Black Sabbath, a band that laid the foundations of Heavy Metal subgenres as Stoner, Sludge, Thrash, Doom,Black Metal and of alternative Rock subgenre Grunge. Here the band Soundgarden, formed in Seattle in 1984, was among the seminal bands, that contributed to the creation of Grunge: a mix of Punk Rock and Metal into a dirty, aggressive sound. Soundgarden broke up in 1997 and it reunited in 2010, releasing even a new album “King Animal” in 2012. In this evening there was no space for new stuff, because when Soundgarden came punctually to the stage of the Wuhlheide Arena, in front of thousands people exhausted by the torrential Berlin weather, the band opened with “Jesus Christ Pose”, followed by “Spoonman”, and it made clear that Soundgarden has still a place among the Bigs. Even if the sound wasn’t one of the best, Soundgarden showed a great form, with songs as “Outshined”, “My Wave” and “Black Hole Sun”, that confirmed Chris Cornell still one with the most wide vocal range. Nice was the anecdote told by Chris: as child he founded a Lp of the band Kiss with monsters on it and when he played, waiting for something incredible, the reaction was just “Ok…”. Then he stole the album Paranoid from a music shop, he listen to it at home and it ruined his life forever. Since it’s the 20th anniversary of the album Superunknown, Soundgarden delighted the audience with song that gives the name to the album. To close the concert, Chris & Co. decided to play “Beyond The Wheel” from the album Ultramega OK, it couldn’t be anything better as transition to the Black Sabbath’s show, confirming again Soundgarden again as one of the bands closest to the original Sabbath sound, as Ozzy himself said in an interview. Impossible to find a better opening band for Black Sabbath.

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Black Sabbath (9/10)
Start 20:55 / End 22:45
When Darkness comes, the Sabbath Sound arrives with its deep impact into the body and into the crowd. The concert starts with War Pigs and then you have to go deeper inside the music ‘cause Ozzy and Friends play Into the void. It’s a fabulous moment that certified that this concert will be a big dig with a very heavy sound. Black Sabbath are the very Fathers of the obscurity and a band able to activate the melody of the unconsciousness. From the beginning to the end, track by track we arrive to feel the possibility to see a light into the darkness. Tony plays solos as it was the first time: a creation of melody and armory; Gezzer, always ready to determinate the structure of its sound, is a presence that guides the basis of the music: its working bass is still the best into a heavy song. Ozzy seems to enjoy even if his voice is not the best experience you could listen to…but, at the end, we have to say that the scary sound and the obtained atmosphere you feel with Black Sabbath, it’s very closed with the voice of Ozzy. What we can say about the drummer…well, finally, although without Bill Ward, we can listen a very power “drums-set”. Tommy Clufeton is a monster and he is very able to connect the riff and the bass line into a unique powerful process! You can find this when they play Black Sabbath. The drums line is very important in this song, because the drums define the time, the process of the lyrics, and the atmosphere of the entire track. Tommy spends his time to guide us to ease out the music until the sound arrives to fire in the second part of the track in which Tony plays a masterful solo and an epic melody that reminds us that Satan is still in the mind of the protagonist until the end of the days! Black Sabbath is a documentation of heavy sound!
Then we have others songs from the latest album. “God is Dead?” is a whole-hearted greeting to the fans, cause you can find into this song the riffs and the structure that define the Sabbath sound. Not many keys when Ozzy sings; a heavy riff that prepares the end of the song that generally is faster and with a very strong music effect . With Iron Man and Children of the Grave we can feel the power of heavy metal. The concert is an epic and pedagogical experience. We can say more! You have to listen to the concert as an interactive contact with history of heavy music. If you love Black Sabbath, you can hear the same solos from the beginning! For instance, Snowblind is perfect to understand that with tha same riff that guides the entire song and some changes and variations, always around tha main music structure, you can create a splendid track. So, Ozzy can play with his voice as he were using cocaine (as the song reminds!) and Tony and Geezer perform a riff, that others bands like Cathedral or Paradise Lost built their career on! The Sabbath sound is equal to say Doom , as a metaphor: they create a powerful genre to describe, with music, the darkest parts of human being.
Probably, Under the Sun can describe this kind of atmosphere. This song is slow, spellbinding, and at the same time uncontrolled when the bridge starts and then you stay into an enclose music area, that guides you into the end of the track. So this song could be the manifest of the best moment of the concert, together with the classical Black Sabbath and the eternal Paranoid.

Black Sabbath´s report is a courtesy of Doc. Doom-enico Agresta.

Venue: Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide
Price: 80,35€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Black Sabbath

Berlin, 08.06.2014

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