The Temperance Movement (6/10)
Start 19:30 / End 20:00
The Temperance Movement is a British band, formed in 2011, which received the task to open the show of The Rolling Stones. Its eponymous debut album was released last year, and the band started receiving consideration for its energetic live shows. The Temperance Movement confirmed with its performance the positive rumors around its name. The band tried at its best to fire up the audience, with its good Blues Rock, which took many elements of the 60s, reinterpreting them under a modern guise, and obtaining a fresh result. The sunlight and the huge open-air arena didn’t help for sure to create the necessary atmosphere for its show: The Temperance Movement is more a band to admire in a smokey small venue, with the stage just some meters in front of you. It’s just matter of time before The Temperance Movement will visit again Berlin with the proper conditions to appreciate its Blues show.

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The Rolling Stones (-/10)
Start 20:35 / End 22:45
Who are we to review The Rolling Stones? In internet you can find enough information about the band and if you want to know if the band is still worth to be experienced live, we hope you could receive a good idea from our photo report. We don’t want to open a discussion about the ticket prices and selling policy, which could be ferociously contested: we want to think that a band, which released its debut album in 1964 and is still touring in sold-out arenas has just no price. At the end… It’ just Rock’n’roll and we like it!

Venue: Waldbühne
Price: from 161,50€ to 247,50€ at
Setlist: The Rolling Stones

Berlin, 10.06.2014

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