Famous Naked Gipsy Circus (6/10)
Start 20:25 / End 20:55
Famous Naked Gipsy Circus comes from Munich, Germany, and just last February found the stability as band. Although  Famous Naked Gipsy Circus is still working in its debut album, it’s trying to promote itself with an intense live activity, which brought the band in Berlin as opener for Archie Bronson Outfit. The six young guys proposed a show based on Rock’n’roll and Blues Rock, which was good received by the few people present at the moment in the Magnet. Although the lack of originality, the band offered a nice half-hour of good music, impregnated by a positive attitude and a sort of summer feeling, which could open a smile in the faces of the listeners. Famous Naked Gipsy Circus have a nice opened road to the success in front of it, if the band keeps going on in this way with this energy. Waiting for its upcoming debut album.

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Archie Bronson Outfit (8/10)
Start 21:45 / End 22:50
Archie Bronson Outfit is an English band formed in 2003, which has released its fourth album “Wild Crush” last May, respecting its four years cadence, as the previous releases. The band, that has been already in hiatus two times during its career, is touring now in Europe to promote its latest work. Every fan knew that they didn’t have to miss at all the occasion to experience it live, and they have been rewarded by an amazing show by Archie Bronson Outfit. The band came to the stage almost hidden by white smoke and dark lights, and started a one-hour set full of energy, without rest, flooding the Magnet Club with its dirty sound, made by powerful Alternative Rock, influenced by Blues, Psychedelia and Stoner. Without diminishing the genius of Josh Homme, Archie Bronson Outfit sounds today as if Queens Of The Stone Age didn’t take its mainstream turn. Archie Bronson Outfit confirmed that the live dimension is still the best way, to appreciate the energy of its pieces: the voice and the guitar riffs of Sam Windett, the bass and keyboard melodies of Dorian Hobday, together with the great drums work of Mark “Arp” Cleveland, created a sort of tribal and ritual atmosphere that made the audience jump and dance until the end of the show. After a two songs encore, Archie Bronson Outfit left the stage, greeting and saying thank you to the audience, that, not exhausted yet, wanted even more of this great music!

Venue: Magnet Club
Price: 17,50€ at Trinity Music

Berlin, 12.06.2014

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