Owen Pallett (7/10)
Start 19:00 / End 19:40
Opening act of Arcade Fire concert in Berlin is the Canadian multi-instrumentalist Owen Pallett.
We can’t imagine a better way to start, since Owen Pallett has often collaborated with Arcade Fire and also shows to move in a similar music direction as the Canadian band.
Together with William Butler, brother of Win Butler and member of Arcade Fire, he composed the soundtrack for the film Her directed by Spike Jonze.
Pallett is known for his live performances where he plays the keyboard and the violin in a loop pedal, creating repetitive, rhythmic musical patterns or dense layers of sound. This fusion of classical music with rock and electronic elements is fascinating and leads us softly and pleasantly to the beginning of the concert.
Arcade Fire (9/10)
Start 20:15 / End 22:00
The daylight still shines when Arcade Fire come on stage at Kindl Bühne Wulheide, Berlin, a beautiful amphitheater located in the middle of Wuhlheide Park.
The location just feels right, as the choice to start the gig with “Reflektor”, the title track of Arcade Fire last album. The band is very much loved and warmly supported by its fans, as much as it is acclaimed and acknowledged by the music critics. From the very beginning we feel the energy coming from the audience, who is clapping and dancing for the whole concert.
It’s a give and take, where Arcade Fire from the stage conveys that very passion for music and for what they are doing right up there. The ensemble is huge and features among others a piano, a violin, a keyboard, a synthesizer, saxophones, guitars and percussions. The sound is rich and wraps us around in a climax of energy that explodes with songs such as “Ready to start” and “Wake up”, which closes the concert literally outbreaking in a triumph of confetti and choirs from Régine Chassagne and an enthusiastic audience.
Arcade Fire is a band that is really worth to be seen live. Not only for their musical talent and their interesting mix of genres – from the Indie Rock beginning to the recent development of dance tunes – but also for a special theatrical flair that enriches the performance with its costumes, its choreography and its fancy graphic design, making it to a real music show.

Venue: Kindl Bühne Wuhlheide
Price: 46,44€ at Tickets.de
Setlist: Arcade Fire

Berlin, 18.06.2014

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