Melanie de Biasio (5/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:40
Melanie de Biasio is a young Belgian songwriter who managed to capture the attention of a niche public thanks to the release of her album No Deal.
She introduced Eels’ concert with a short performance: her music is sad and melancholic, strongly influenced by Blues. On the stage she sang accompanied just by an electric guitar and sometimes she played some notes with her flute. Melodies are minimal, guitar lines repetitive, almost obsessive and monochromatic, in some occasions her voice was similar to a moan. The simple graphic design is in line with Melanie’s music: on a total dark stage, there was just a feeble light to lighten her face. The main outcome of her show was to make the audience foresee that Eels’ concert would have been less hard than usual.

Eels (10/10)
Start 21:05 / End 22:25
Let’s cut it short: Eels’ performance in Berlin has been breathtaking.
Tempodrom is probably the best venue to arrange a medium sized but still intimate gig where good acoustics are essential.
This alternative American band is on the scene since a couple of decades, long enough to release 11 studio albums – each one with its own style – and to build therefore a huge variegated repertoire that crosses a multitude of different genres.
The selection of songs chosen for this tour, following the release of The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, was oriented on intimate tracks, wonderful deep ballads made of clean sounds and polyphonic melodies supported in particular by the sapient use of a trumpet.
Eels’ fans were totally in tune with Oliver’s mood, embracing him since the beginning. The empathy was so intense that, following a continuous emotional crescendo, Oliver went down in the middle of the audience to give one-to-one hugs to his fans: this was literally touching.
The only note out of tone was probably the use of lights: some of them were for too long pointing directly on the face of the people sitting in the pit, and sometimes these were annoying enough to use sunglasses.
Fortunately this was not enough to ruin the overall feeling of this wonderful amazing concert: it was a real rare pleasure to see the exhibition of such a pure living genius as Mark Oliver Everett. Hope he comes back soon to Berlin.

Venue: Tempodrom
Price: from 30,80€ to 38,50€ at Tickets.de
Setlist: Eels

Photos made by our Peter and also available in higher definition on flickr, as always.

Berlin, 24.06.2014

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