Dream Theater (9/10)
Act 1: Start 19:00 / End 20:20
Act 2: Start 20:35 / End 21:35
Encore: Start 21:40 / End 22:00
Dream Theater is without doubts among the bands that don’t need a presentation. Formed in 1985 by John Petrucci, John Myung, and Mike Portnoy, the American band kept its core lineup till 2010, when Portnoy left and was replaced Mike Magini. With James LaBrie on vocals and Jordan Rudess on keyboard, Dream Theater members are all well-known technical instrumentalists, with several awards won during their career, and with the merit to have kept the flame of Progressive Metal / Rock alive still today, after almost thirty years of activity, testified also by the latest self-titled 12th studio album, released almost one year ago, that showed even new more present Hard Rock influences, compared to the past. Thanks to the agency Greyzone, that is bringing in Berlin always more often big names of the Metal scene, Dream Theater played for its Berlin fans at the nice old theater Admiralspalast situated near the Friedrichstrasse station. After an introduction video, made with an animated medley of all Dream Theater album covers, projected on a protection sheet in front of the stage, the Progressive Metal progenitors appeared on the stage, starting the its first of two acts with “The Enemy Inside”, and going on mainly with songs of the latest albums, particularly from the “Dream Theater” one. After a short pause, featured by fans cover videos and crazy advertisements about the action figures of the band members, the band came again to the stage for the second act, that was composed mainly by songs taken from the album “Awake”, and ended with the new song “Illumination Theory”. With the audience on fire, calling the band to let it come out, Dream Theater satisfied the fans desires with an encore based on “Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory”, where “The Dance of Eternity” and the final “Finally Free”, confirmed that Dream Theater is still a unique band, able like no one to focus on Metal, Melodies and Progressive Rock, and create a theatrical and elaborate, but always intense and cathartic music. Dream Theater after almost thirty years could be considered as a band to love or to hate, but nobody can say that it’s not able to write songs that go directly to your heart and caress your soul. Nevertheless seeing in live action each Dream Theater member is without doubt always worth the ticket price!

Venue: Admiralspalast
Price: 48,50€ at
Setlist: Dream Theater

Berlin, 15.07.2014

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