Next week concerts: 21 Jul – 27 Jul 2014

Posted: July 19, 2014 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, 21st of July

Valient Thorr + Church Of Misery
What: Stoner rock, Hard rock
Venue: Cassiopeia at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 16,50€ at

Tuesday, 22nd of July

Andrew W. K.
What: Hard rock, Punk rock
Venue: Magnet Club at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 16,10€ at Trinity Music

Wednesday, 23rd of July

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
What: Alternative country
Venue: Comet Club at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 13,90€ at Trinity Music

Friday, 25th of July

The Gaslamp Killer + Delfonic + Hazeem + Soulmind
What: Underground hip hop
Venue: GRETCHEN Club at 23:30
Price: 8,00 until midnight, 12,00€ afterwards

Saturday, 26th of July

Zentralheizung of Death des Todes + ZA! + Charlie Megira + Heidi Alexander + Skiing + The Sacred Travelers + others
What: Garage rock, Indie rock
Venue: ://about blank at 14:00 o´clock
Price: 16,20€ at

Broilers + Bombshell Rocks + Feine Sahne Fischfilet
What: Punk rock
Venue: Spandau Zitadell at 18:30
Price: 37,00€ at Trinity Music

Sunday, 27h of July

Black Stars Riders + Red’s Cool
What: Hard rock
Venue: C-Club at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 35,75€ at Trinity Music

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