Conan (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:30
Conan is an English band with some Ep on active, and the second and latest album “Blood Eagle” has been released at the beginning of this year. The trio came to the stage hidden by smoke, low red lights and their hoods, while the audience was already staying in the first lines in front of the stage. Conan has already its followers and the band repaid this appreciation with a great performance with its music driven by Doom Metal and Sludge Metal. To be mentioned is the epic opening song: almost 15 minutes of funeral march with a double voice made by scream and growling. Other songs were more aggressive with the trio pulling the accelerator, keeping always hihg the sound and songwriting quality. A nice surprise for few people; a great confirmation for most of the attendees.

High On Fire (9/10)
Start 22:00 / End 23:00
The American band High On Fire hit Berlin with its load of heavy music, and for every music fan was a date to don’t miss in these weeks so poor of good live music in the city. High On Fire formed in 1999, after the disband of the Matt Pike’s previous seminal band Sleep and its latest work “De Vermis Mysteriis” is dated 2012: some rumors say that the band is working on new material and, fortunately this didn’t stop High On Fire touring in Europe, smashing the fans ears with its legendary sound based on Sludge Metal, Stoner and Doom Metal. The small venue was already full packed and the air impossible to breathe and hot like hell, when High On Fire appeared on the stage with the fans completely gone out of mind on the note of “Fury Whip”. After the majesty of “Eyes And Teeth”, Matt & Co. fired up the venue with “Fertile Green”, generating an obvious wild mosh among the first lines. The trio composed by Matt on guitar and vocals, Des Kensel on drums and Jeff Matz on bass, showed to don’t suffer the flow of time and to enjoy a great form. Matt, shirtless from the beginning, captured the attention of the attendees with his tattoos and his passion for the music. Without encore, the show ended with “Rumors of War”, “Fireface” and the devastating “Snakes for the Divine” that involved the whole audience jumping, singing, screaming and moshing. Matt, Des and Jeff left the stage hugging and shearing the sweat with the fans, confirming what “Allmusic” wrote about High On Fire: “…one of the most widely respected heavy metal outfits on the planet.”

Venue: Magnet Club
Price: 22,70€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: High On Fire

Berlin, 05.08.2014

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