Alasdair Roberts (7/10)
Start 20:05 / End 20:40
Still friendly, still very celtic and folky, and still not really up my alley. The third to last song was fantastic, though!

Bill Callahan (10/10)
Start 21:00 / End: 22:45
Since this is another leg of the same tour as the Berlin concert in February, also the set list was quite similar. The concert took place in an open air arena in Nijmegen and it was a bit rainy. So the concert started with “Summer Painter” from Dream River containing the line “Like all that time spent down by the water Had somehow given me control over the rain”. Unfortunately he really had no power over the weather or he preferred not to use it. Luckily a lot of the arena was at least sheltered from most of the direct impact of the rain.
The rest of the set was again a best of Dream River and Apocalypse. Bill Callahan seemed a bit more communicative than in Berlin. He spoke very kindly about the (really great) location and praised the beautiful evening air. Given that the audience applauded he clarified that he could not take credit for it. On another occasion he joked “this is as close as ever to all of us camping together”. The audience cheered happily. The concert was over at 22:30 and then two encores followed. One of which was the brilliant Too Many Birds with its incredible semantic crescendo of “If you could only stop your heartbeat for a heartbeat”
Listen to it! now!

Pictures also on Flickr at disposal.

Venue: OL De Goffert
Price: 20,00€
Setlist: Bill Callahan

Nijmegen, 15.08.2014

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