Next week concerts: 25 Aug – 31 Aug 2014

Posted: August 23, 2014 by vals81 in Berlin, Weekly Schedule
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Monday, 25th of August

Twin Shadow
What: Synthpop, New Wave
Venue: Bi Nuu at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 18,30€ at Koka36

Tuesday, 26th of August

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde + Fatlip + Slimkid3
What: Hip hop
Venue: Bi Nuu at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 22,70€ at Trinity Music

Ten Foot Pole + Antillectual
What: Punk rock
Venue: Cassiopeia at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 13,00€ at Cassiopeia´s website

Wednesday, 27th of August

Thee Oh Sees + Gelbart
What: Garage rock, Psychedelic rock
Venue: Berghain at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 15,70€ at Koka36

Black Milk
What: Hip hop
Venue: Cassiopeia at 21:00 o´clock
Price: 12,00€ at Cassiopeia´s website

Thursday, 28th of August

Graveworm + Emergency Gate + Tenside + Kryptos
What: Melodic death metal
Venue: K17 at 19:00 o´clock
Price: 20,70€ at Koka36

Friday, 29th of August

Haken + Pitpony
What: Progressive metal
Venue: Kesselhaus at 20:00 o´clock
Price: 23,70€ at Koka36

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