Helmet (8/10)
Start 21:30 / End 23:40
As Helmet delighted the Berlin fans in the beginning of 2012 with the “Meantime” 20th Anniversary Tour, the same occurred yesterday at SO36 for the 20th Anniversary Tour of its third album “Betty”, out in 1994. After the disbanding in 1998, the mastermind Page Hamilton managed to rebuild Helmet in 2004 with new components, bringing again to live this unique and influential music creature, able at the beginning of the 90s, to create a new sound, defined by someone as “Smart Metal”, merging together Metal and Indie Rock and inspiring every Alternative Metal, modern Post-Hardcore and Metalcore come after Helmet.
Once the band came to the stage, all the attendees needed less than five minutes to understand that Helmet and Mr Hamilton, after all these years, didn’t lose a gram of its power and intensity. Page was amazing as always, pulling out from his guitar the ditinctive riffs and solos, full of distortions, dissonances, and jazz-like harmonies. The feeling with the other members was perfect on stage and they contributed to offer an amazing show to their fans. After the first 40 minutes, where the album Betty was proposed in its entirety, Helmet started a set of one hour and a half full of classical hits, where the audience couldn’t stop a second to move, jump, and mosh, following the intense groove sound of this fantastic band. Page, still undisputed leader, interacted often with his fans, showing also profitably his German language skills. There’s nothing to add, but that Helmet is still alive and in good form: the wait for the new material promised for the next spring will be even harder!

Venue: SO36
Price: 23,10€ at
Setlist: Helmet

Berlin, 15.09.2014

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