Disgorge (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:00
Disgorge came yesterday to us directly from the Gold Era of Death Metal. Formed in California in 1992, the band is currently working on its fifth album “And the Weak Shall Perish”. Disgorge was the first band on stage to inaugurate the bloody evening, and the band spit out an impressive performance based on Brutal Death Metal, that seemed to come directly from hell. With a visceral growling and an exemplary technical performance, Disgorge made mosh the first lines from the first song till the end, catapulting the attendees 20 years back at the beginning of the 90s.

Jungle Rot (7/10)
Start 21:25 / End 22:10
Jungle Rot is an American Death Metal band with a peculiar retro-death rock style. Although the band formed in 1995, its discography is not particularly rich, with its latest album “Terror Regime” out in March 2013. Jungle Rot came to the stage extremely acclaimed by the fans, and started the set with more Thrash Metal oriented songs, pieces at full speed like a huge truck launched on a slope without brakes, alternating mid-tempo pieces and inspired guitar solos. In the second half Jungle Rot decided to propose all its devastating Death Metal repertoire: mosh and circle pit accompanied each songs till the end! A great performance from a band that don’t show any signs of getting older. Old-School Death Metal has no age.

Cryptopsy (8/10)
Start 22:30 / End 23:25
Cryptopsy formed in 1998 in Canada under the name of Necrosis. Only in 1992 changed the name in Cryptopsy, although today only the drummer Flo Mounier survives of that band. Through the years the Canadian band suffered a multitude of line-up changes, that brought it to release even some Deathcore material with melodic sounds and clean vocals, but always under the original name of Cryptopsy. In 2012 the band released its self-titled album, that signed a come-back to the Death Metal sound for the joy of most fans. Everyone can have his opinion about this band, but nobody can take away what Cryptopsy realized in the past: the band released works that became a benchmark for Technical Death Metal, incorporating jazz, progressive and fusion elements, taking this music style further. If Cryptopsy could play in Berlin, we have to thank the Stateless Society agency, that keeps to bring the Extreme in this electro city. Every doubt was blown away when the band appeared on stage: think what you want, but these four guys have today really few rivals in what they do. Forget everything that could get close to something melodic: Cryptopsy offered an aggressive set that put all in accord, burning down the venue with no prisoners. You can just stare in silence at Christian Donaldson playing the guitar and erupting that technical solos at the speed of light; Matt McGachy confirmed the positive rumors and didn’t make regret Lord Worm; Olivier Pinard slapped his bass guitar till let it bleed and His Majesty Flo Mounier showed his monstrosity, making the audience guess that he had 4 legs and 3 arms to play drums in that way. Just something “too much” to be described here. Something that has to be experienced live at least one time, if you love Extreme Metal. As Matt repeated more than one time, Cryptopsy is really an independent band without management and record label: support this band attending its shows, buying the merchandise and its album. You won’t regret at all.

Venue: Bi Nuu
Price: 18,00€ at Stateless Society´s website
Berlin, 18.09.2014

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