Fabi Silvestri Gazze´ (9/10)
Start 20:30 / End 22:30
Niccolò Fabi, Massimiliano Gazzè and Daniele Silvestri are three famous songwriters, active from the 90s in the Italian scene. They are not new to collaborations amongst each other, with songs like “Vento d’estate” (Fabi, Gazzè) or “Sornione” (Fabi, Silvestri), but this time, for the first time, all three of them collaborated, forming what the Italian press nominated “the super-band”. The promising collaboration gave its fruits. As expected their album “Il padrone della festa”, which had been released about a couple of weeks ago, is a gorgeous mix of their respective styles, as proven by the singles “Life is sweet” and “L’amore non esiste”. The Berliner gig was the second of the European tour, which had started the day before in Köln. As the three reminded us during the performance, this one of yesterday night had been their second concert together and they were joking all the time about some arrangements not working out perfectly. Despite some hitch, the performance was exciting. The concert started a bit late, but with the good mood of the audience and of the band. The group begun with the first song of their album “Alzo le mani” and went on alternating between the songs of the common work and their respective successes, which were sometimes mixed together. It was touching to see them playing each others songs and the union of their voices was so perfect that you could forget by who a song had been originally written. Two hours of good music, great hits, jokes and fun, the group came back on stage two times and stayed a bit longer with their fans after the concert, showing a lot of patience, too.
The tour will be continued in the clubs of many other big European cities (London, Paris, Barcelona..) always with just the three of them on stage. The Italian gigs however will be played in sport arenas with a support group.

Venue: Kesselhaus
Price: 19,10€ at Trinity Music

Berlin, 27.09.2014

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