Wedge (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:00
Wedge is a Berlin based band with an out-coming debut album this November. Its set of Rock’n’Roll surprised positively the attendees: Wedge proposed catchy and raw pieces, impregnated by that Rock sound, which made the late 60s unforgettable. The German trio impressed as musicians, maybe introducing in future a more powerful singer, could be a friendly advice to short the road to a deserved success.

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Pontiak (9/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:20
Pontiak is an American trio, with the singularity to be composed of three brothers, the Carney’s brothers. As well-known prolific band, Pontiak has released its album “Innocence” just some months ago, and the band is touring now to promote it live for the joy of every person who had the chance to see this band live. Without any doubts the live dimension is where Pontiak expresses its best: its personal combination of Psychedelic Rock, Stoner, Prog Rock and Indie Rock make this band unique in the scene and still an undiscovered jewel by the mass. When the Carney brothers were on stage, the alchemy reached its peak and it seemed as the same person was playing the three instruments at the same time, so similar are they each other. In about one hour set, included an encore, Pontiak confirmed its majesty and power, making dance the whole small venue, that seemed to be full during the show. Van, Jennings and Lain are professional musicians and simple people (in the positive meaning): they showed their attachment to this city and this audience, coming down from the stage to thank and shake the hands personally to the fans who attended the show.

Venue: Comet Club
Price: 11,70€ at Trinity Music

Berlin, 09.10.2014

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