Rodrigo Amarante (7/10)
Start 21:05 / End 21:50
The brazilian Songwriter Rodrigo Amarante probably known from his old band Los Hermanos and collaborations with e.g. Little Joy and Devendra Barnhart, opened the evening with trilingual (Portuguese, French, English) songs and monolingual (English) remarks. His laid back dreamy bossa-guitar folk and his witty comments were a very welcome breeze of late summer melancholy on this rainy early autumn night.

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Angel Olsen (8/10)
Start 22:10 / End 23:25
Angel Olsen is an American Singer-Songwriter in her mid-twenties with a good hand for typically quite slow Americana.  The band seem a bit tired from the long tour. Only sparse remarks and sparse smilings in the first half of the concert. It seems like the band is doing its duty (but very well of course). Later on in the concert there was a lot more vibe. “Can you hear us? That’s good, because we’re on a stage… ” Towards the end Rodrigo Amarante enters the stage for a duet that was announced as ‘an experiment’ and I’d say this experiment succeeded suspiciously well. Funny was Angel’s introduction of my personal favourite song, the very Leonard-Cohen-y (or is it Cohen-ic?) ‘White Fire’. She did it with the joke “The next song will not be easy. The first line is hard because I’m in such a good mood” and then she starts with the really slow “everything is tragic…” and giggles and has to restart the song with a broad smile. There were no audience induced encores, but Angel charmingly turned her three solo songs at the end to encore herself and it was good. Audience was touched and left happy… The concert at the Bi Nuu might probably not have been the band’s highlight on an apparently quite long tour but they handled it absolutely professionally and it was a great show.

Ss usual pictures on Flickr, too.

Venue: Bi Nuu
Price: 16,50€ at
Setlist: Angel Olsen

Berlin, 08.10.2014

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