Vessel (6/10)
Start 20:05 / End 20:40
The English guy Seb Gainsborough is the mind behind the project Vessel. Just a months ago he released his sophomore album “Punish, Honey”, accompanied and supported by a positive response from the specialized music press. Vessel started silently his experimental set, where he could express his music proposal, that mixed in a personal way Ambient, Dubstep, House and Techno. Shrouded in white smoke and colored light flashes, Vessel played without any interruption, curved on his desk, while the people was still entering the venue and chatting, annoying the interested ones. Vessel confined the good rumors about his music and he deserved to be experienced again with a proper audience in front of him.

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Liars (8/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:10
The American band Liars has a special connection with the city of Berlin: the trio lived and recorded its third album “Drum’s Not Dead” and here the band is more loved than in other cities indeed. The latest seventh album “Mess” went out this March, and the expectation to taste live the new Industrial-influenced way was big among the fans. Even if it was easy to guess the opposite, there wasn’t the audience of the big occasion to wait for the band, as at the past Berlin shows, maybe due to a Tuesday extremely full of great gigs. Although Liars had to face different line-up changes through the years, the band has managed to give a special personal print to its sound. Liars opened the show with “Pro Anti Anti” from the latest work, going on to proposed many pieces of “Mess”, that worked quite well live and seemed to be well received by the audience. The fans started dancing from the beginning and never stop a second, following the mix of Punk, Dance and Electronica, that made famous the American band. The atmosphere became hot on the last half hour of the show, when Liars proposed hits like “No.1 Against the Rush“, “BratsorPlaster Casts of Everything“. After a two songs encore, Liars left the stage for a show of about one hour in total, unfortunately too short for such a band, just thinking to all its successes. At the end the gig confirmed that Liars goes on with its personal evolution, trying to be coherent but not static and repetitive, always doing what they want, not caring of what critics and fans could say.

Venue: Lido
Price: 18,70€ at
Setlist: Liars

Berlin, 13.10.2014

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