Schneider TM (6/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:50
Known from legendary German Indie bands ‘Hip Young Things’ and ‘Locust Fudge’ (the latter plays a gig in december in Berlin!) Schneider TM went the electronic route in the mid-nineties already. Now he seems to be back at his more guitar-y roots but it’s far away from the early melodic approach. The concert was quite experimental and full of Drone sound. The last song finally has a melody and a rhythm at the same time. Schneider is alone on stage with an electric guitar and an electric zither, lots of distortion and loop devices. He uses a violin bow to play the guitar and the zither. He hits the guitar with his hand… and it’s impressive how one person can create this wall of sound alone. He does not talk and is not even making eye contact with the audience, though. I don’t think that this is ideal for a concert. Maybe it is partially owed to the setting in the Volksbühne theater with its big stage and the large auditorium with people in armchairs… But maybe it’s just his thing (and I would think it is). I think Schneider liked it, at least he leaves the stage with a smile and the audience’s applause is very friendly.

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Glenn Branca (8/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:25
Avantgarde composer, guitarist, conductor, Sonic Youth publisher and noise legend Glenn Branca enters the stage with his ensemble consisting of six musicians. Five of them are playing electric guitar. The only non-guitarist is a fantastic drummer. The concerts starts off with a piece that jumps the scales in hectic patterns and leaves the audience a bit in wondering whether concert will continue like this. Luckily it did not. Funnily enough Glenn Branca afterwards tells us that this piece was called ‘German Expressionism’ and suddenly everything makes sense again. I’m still not sure whether this was a joke on the audience, though. The ensemble continues now with some more rock sounds and heavy riffing. It looks (or rather sounds) like a lot of work for the guitarists and the drummer but they seem to not sweat even a bit. Glenn
Branca in his black suit needs a towel quite early… The concert consists mainly of pieces that haven’t been played before live “Except in New York” (of course…). If they will ever be published the record might be named ‘Ascension Three’. Branca is very friendly and connects with the audience easily. For their last piece Branca tells his musicians to set the amplifiers even louder and they do and it is loud and they play with this loudness – they raise it and the lower it and it’s really almost a  physical experience. Quite impressive.

Pictures as usual on Flickr, too.

Venue: Volksbühne
Price: 24,00€ at Volksbühne´s website

Berlin, 12.10.2014

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