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The Once (9/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:30
This folk trio from Canada (Geraldine Hollett on lead vocals and vocalists/instrumentalists Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale) managed to warm the audience up simply perfectly. They surprised everybody by singing the first song a cappella in a way that made me and many other people around me close our eyes and let their voices talk to our inner selves. This is exactly what happened to Passenger the first time he found himself among the crowd of people attending their gig. He closed his eyes, let their voices give him goose bumps and decided that he would want them as his support band. And he made a wonderful choice. They totally got the audience when they added the sound of a banjo and of a mandolin to their wonderful voices. But they reached the highest moment when they gave us the most beautiful cover version of Elvis’ most romantic song Can’t help falling in love ever made before. They will be playing their own gig in Berlin next april, 14th at the Privatclub in Skalitzer Strasse. Absolutely recommended.

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Passenger (9/10)
Start 20:55 / End 22:25
As Passenger himself anticipated before starting his gig, many in the audience expected to see a whole band on stage yesterday night. Not a single person, though, was disappointed to spend one and a half hour in the company of this talented singer and songwriter who managed to entertain his audience “just” with the help of his magic voice and his guitar.
He created a special connection with the audience, by offering both happy singing moments and more intimate ones, in which he openly spoke about his life, his career and some stories behind his songs. That was really touching and gave the audience the feeling of being in the presence of someone who honestly filtered his life and his emotions by means of their art, and not just of some character created ad hoc to sell artificial music. This last example belongs to the X-Factor category that he adds to the list of things he hates sung in the song called I hate that simply threw everybody in ecstasy, by mentioning subjects like racism, reckless fashion addiction and body stereotypes.
He seemed to be very close and thankful to Berlin and its audience. He recalled some moments of his past when he and his girlfriend used to play in every corner of this city. He looked honestly grateful to that period of his life and he does not seem willing to forget it even now that he is playing all around the world in front of huge audiences that he never tires of thanking for giving him this big possibility. Despite his present success, though, he acknowledged that he had some difficult moments in the past in which he was not able to see his dream coming true. And for this reason he wrote one of his new songs, 27, in which he encourages everybody to follow their dreams no matter what. The song that gives the name to the whole new album, whispers, contains a similar suggestion. All around us people talk and scream and they always seem to know what is better for us. We just need to ignore them and to give credit only to those who can whisper to us in a world that only shouts. And the only way to reach a goal is to work hard on it.
When he introduced his most famous hit Let her go, though, he admitted that it came out of his pen too easily, while he was sitting in a cupboard in the backstage of a smoky pub. He never thought that that song could be the one. But then, reality showed him positively wrong.
The most intimate moment was reached when he introduced his song Riding to New York. He told the story behind it, making everyone really miserable and forced to think about the meaning of life. The story is quite simple. Since he was a teenager, he tried to hang out with the most popular kids in school. So he started to smoke pretty soon. When he realized that this was the most stupid thing that he could have ever done it was too late because he was already addicted. He tried many times to quit smoking but he never really succeeded until one night in the USA. He had a dream about a huge cigarette dancing in front of him and woke up desperately wanting to smoke. So he got out and walked to the nearest gas station to buy cigarettes. He didn’t meet anyone, until he reached the station. There he met a man who was enjoining his cigarette. The man told him that that cigarette was the best of his life, but then he also added that he was riding with his motorcycle throughout the country to reach New York in order to see his children and grandchildren one last time before dying of lung cancer. After the story, the singer did not buy that cigarette pack and decided to write a song dedicated to the unknown man.
Besides old and new songs he presented also a very well done cover version of the worldwide famous song by Simon and Garfunkel, The sound of silence and also a funny version of the recent hit Wake me up by Avicii. And he also sang the second to last song of the concert together with his support band, The Once, showing all his appreciation of their talent.
It definitely was a concert full of different emotions. Funny, entertaining and enjoyable, but also deep and thoughtful. He put all the energy he had in it, ending up soaked in sweat from head to foot. Very well done!

Venue: C-Halle
Price: 31,05€ at
Setlist: Passenger

Berlin, 19.10.2014

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