Damnations Day (6/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:30
Damnations Day is an Australian Heavy Metal band that released  its debut album “Invisible, The Dead” about one year ago. Its proposal was a variegated Prog Power Metal, able to change from hard Thrash pieces to acoustic ballads. The band didn’t show any particular originality and the sound reminded often to the bigs of this music style, but the frontman Mark Kennedy managed at the end to break an initially quite cold audience with its passion and dedication, leaving the stage after half hour on the applauses coming from the attendees. A good warming set indeed.

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Accept (9/10)
Start 20:55 / End 22:50
Accept is Germany. Accept is pure Heavy Metal. Since you all know Germany is Heavy Metal, you can easily imagine how many people was standing outside the door with rainy weather, even in a city as Berlin, definitely famous for other music genres. Accept was during the 70s among the pioneer Hard Rock bands that developed the Speed and Thrash Metal and, after hiatus and difficulties, is living now since 2010 a second new life, with three brand new albums and a deserved worldwide success. The fourteenth album “Blind Rage” went out last July on Nuclear Blast and Accept is now touring in its country to promote it. Nice to see in the venue the mixed age of the fans: young people, slightly inferior in number maybe due to the not so cheap ticket price, standing near veteran families, with leather jackets, Heavy Metal t-shirts and typical 80s hairstyle. Again a confirmation that Heavy Metal faith and passion doesn’t suffer the time. All the love for this evergreen band was showed by the fans for the whole concert, starting when Accept appeared between smoke and flashes on the stage, till they left on applauses, greetings warmly and distributing smiles and guitar plectrum. Accept is still in 2014 that war machine, able to create amazing and powerful songs with simple riffs, catchy chorus, and fast tempos. The setlist picked pieces from almost all the albums, privileging the latest 2009-new phase: the live result was a homogeneous and harmonious flood of old school Heavy Metal. Mark Tornillo offered a great performance, helping himself with the attitude and determination, when the voice couldn’t arrived where he would have like. Hoffmann and Baltes enjoyed playing the whole show as two children, confirming again to be two undiscussed masters in their instruments. Frank and Schwarzmann on drums completed a formation that hardly has today something similar in the Heavy Metal scene. It’s not easy and maybe even meaningless trying to find the best pieces of the show: starting with the new “Stampede”, the atmosphere became immediately hot with the epic “Stalingrad” and “Hellfire”. Incredible was the second half of the show, from “Shadow Soldier” till the conclusive “Fast As A Shark”: an uninterrupted succession of hits to sing out loud, where the double bass-and-guitar solo during “No Shelter” was alone worth the complete ticket price. After an encore where Accept played the mighty “Metal Heart”, “Teutonic Terror” and the hymn “Balls to the Wall”, the band left definitively the stage, confirming to the audience its good form and that we have still a lot to receive from Accept in the next years. Long life to Accept!

Venue: Huxleys Neue Welt
Price: 36,45€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Accept

Berlin, 21.10.2014

  1. biGdada says:

    Accept were totally amazing. Hoffman and Baltes looked like they enjoyed themselves more than the crowd 🙂

    I, personally, was pleasantly surprised by Damnations Day. It’s a shame I’ve ever heard of them.

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