Calibro 35 (9/10)
Start 21:50 / End 23:15
Calibro 35 is among the few Italian bands that are gaining always more worldwide consents among music critics and lovers. After some tours in US and Europe, Calibro 35 had the opportunity, thanks to Megaherz Booking agency, also to delight the Berlin fans with its original performance based on Instrumental Funk, Jazz and Rock, inspired by the soundtracks of the Italian 70s crime movies. Emblematic the name choice: “Calibro” reminds to many Italian Poliziottesco movies, and “35” to the 35mm film. The latest album “Traditori di Tutti” went out in 2013, but the band is quite prolific in releasing Eps and soundtracks: just this year Calibro 35 has released the themes and music for the national Italian radio “Radio1 e GR1”, and the music for the movie “Sogni di Gloria”. Without any opening act and after a long wait, Calibro 35 came finally to the small stage of the Privatclub venue, that was well full packed, hot and sweaty. The show started with “Traitors” from its latest album and went on for about one hour and a half almost without any rest between the single songs, except for some jokes of Gabrielli. The performance set the venue and the audience on fire, the pieces acquired surprisingly more power in the live dimensions and didn´t miss even some Noise / Psychedelic derivations. It was a pleasure to listen the guitar of Massimo Martellotta to lead the pieces alternated or combined with the Enrico Gabrielli´s 3 levels-keyboard set. The same Enrico enhanced the show playing his saxophone and flute: the combination in the songs with the other instruments brought to an amazing result. All was supported by an outstanding rhythmic section composed by Fabio Rondanini on drums and Luca Cavina on bass guitar. All in all an incredible band composed by talented musicians. After a “simulated” encore, Calibro 35 said goodbye on the note of “Stainless Steel”, leaving the audience sweaty but with the certainty to have attended something absolutely special!

Venue: Privatclub
Price: 11,50€ at Koka36
Setlist: Calibro 35

Berlin, 23.10.2014

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