Patti Smith & Soundwalk Collective + & Jesse Smith „Killer Road“ @ Volksbühne, Berlin

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Patti Smith & Soundwalk Collective (9/10)
Start 20:05 / End 21:25
They walked on stage, all dressed in black, Patti Smith escorted to the microphone by a tall man.
There was clapping and whooping and whistling and i screamed “Patti” at the top of my lungs while throwing my hands in the air.
I was very much looking forward to this concert. I wanted to see her, see how I would feel this time as opposed to the first time, when I her at Madison Square Garden, opening for U2, being booed at for criticizing the war in Afghanistan.
I am sorry to say that I was blinded by the legend that is Patti Smith.
Because this was a collaboration, not a Patti Smith concert: a collaboration between the Soundwalk Collective (Stephan Crasneanscki, Simone Merli and Kamran Sadeghi) Patti Smith’s daughter, Jesse Paris Smith, the last poems of the icon Nico, which Patti Smith read, and video artist Tina Frank.
Various live recordings of the forest, the beach, birds, laughing and talking, the harmonium and electronic sounds, an array of singing bowls (or rather a variation of singing bowls: white, matte and toned blue as if they stood in twilight),images varying from the abstract to the figurative and Patti Smith’s renditions of the last Nico poems all added to the experience.
I saw some people close their eyes, immerse themselves in the occurrence.
I tried to do the same but it was hard to take my gaze from Patti Smith.
Or the others for that matter.
Highly focused and concentrated, they made no movement that wasn’t necessary.
And except for one moment, when Patti Smith turned her face to the direction I happened to be sitting and smiled briefly, there was no direct facial or bodily communication with the audience.
Their facial expressions were serious but never distance or cold – even when the rogue mobile phone started ringing twenty minutes in.
The concert finished after an hour and twenty minutes. The audience applauded and stood.
They came out for another bow but there was no encore. That was fine by me; I was emotionally spent.

Excerpts from Nico’s last poems, in the order they were rendered:

•”the hour since I saw you last…my loneliness remains attending”

•”my heart’s empty…empty empty heart…but the songs i sing are filled.”

•”a given voice, a given choice, everything you need is mine.”

•”on a dusty road, mastering adventure, the intentions of my attitude, fearfully endangered”

•”my only child
be not blind
see what you hold
there are no words
no ears no eyes
to show them what you know
their hands are old
their faces cold
their bodies close to freezing
their feelings find
the morning small
too small to fill their ways of breathing
the evening tall
my only child
my only child
remember well
the words that you are told
for some of them
it is only easy to survive…
my boy
my boy
my boy…
go back
go back
go back…
your breath in my belly
and you grew
the truth of my life
my son
my son

my only child…”

•”midnight winds are landing
at the end of time
the true story wants to be mine
the story is telling a true lie
mandolins are ringing
and the violin is singing
and midnight winds are landing
at the end of time…
in the morning of my winter

and my eyes are still asleep…”

•”i will be seven

when we meet in heaven…”

•”it’s holding me against my will
and doesnt leave me still…
when did it begin
why am i not facing the wind
my mother and my brother
are facing the wind
why are they facing the wind?
theres nothing more to sing about…”
•”who’s to blame
the hideous game
that’s killer road
i was lost
truly lost
truly lost
truly lost
amongst you…
killer road is waiting for you

like a finger in the night…”

•”my mother sold flowers
my father faded away
i was a tall girl
with a secret side
ari, my son*, was my moonbeam
my funny valentine…
my son
sat and stared
as i sat
before a mirror
and covered my hair
and i went down the hill
on my bike

all the way to the desert shore…”

•”i saw myself for the last time
i saw myself and then i got on my bike
and i rode
and i was free
i rode
all the way to the desert shore
i had to go through layers of life
the insects sang their song for me
and the sound
was the last sound i heard
my mother sold flowers
my father faded
and i fade away
into the sound of nature’s song
mother carry me
father carry me…


Venue: Volksbühne
Price: 26,00€ at Volksbühne´s websiteBerlin, 26.10.2014

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