Mother’s Cake (6/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:40
Mother’s Cake is an Austrian band that has managed to build up a positive hype around its name thanks to its proposal and intense live activity. Its debut album “Creation’s Finest” out two years ago, helped Mother’s Cake to have the chance to open the current European tour of Anathema. Its opening set, despite of the band name, resulted quite interesting, consisting in a fresh merge of Hard Rock, Funk with Prog and Psychedelic influences. The Austrian trio managed successfully with powerful guitar riffs and a great work on the bass to rock the venue: the audience, cold and shy at the beginning, started moving head and ass following its groove and finally acclaimed the band when left the stage. The voice of Yves Krismer was the only not really convincing part: it would be nice to listen them with a more powerful and lower voice, but everybody has his cup of tea. Mother’s Cake will play again here in Berlin next January: let give them a chance, no risk of regrets.

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Anathema (9/10)
Start 21:20 / End 22:55
Founded in 1990 in Liverpool by the three Cavanagh brothers, Anathema has become now an institution appreciated at the same time by Metal and Rock fans. Among the first band to move away from its Doom roots, integrating at the beginning atmospheric Gothic Metal influences, Anathema turned in 2001 its sound to Alternative and Progressive Rock. Just last June the English band released its latest album “Distant Satellites” via Kscope, where the electronic influences started being more present and the Berlin date was the best occasion for all the fans to experience live the new material. The expectations were immediately satisfied once Anathema came to the stage and opened with “The Lost Song, Part1 and Part2” from the latest album. The setlist included also other new pieces, that joined harmoniously with the old ones of the Rock course, taken mainly by albums as “Weather Systems” and “A Natural Disaster”. The Cavanagh brothers confirmed to be in good form, enjoying as always playing in front of their fans. The rest of the band performed outstanding, with the angelic voice of Lee above all, perfectly combined with the clean vocals of Vincent, able to touch the hearth of the attendees. The set closed with “Closer” that made the fans jump and dance on the space distorted vocals, and, when Anathema came back for the encore, “Distant Satellites” and “A Natural Disaster” we’re proposed before the conclusive “Fragile Dreams” from Alternative 4.
Although the its Doom time is far away in the past, the strength of Anathema is the ability still today to instill with melancholic and atmospheric sounds the feeling of depression and existential despair. There’s no other band able to do the same today with the this quality and elegance. Long life to the Cavanagh brothers!

Venue: Postbahnhof
Price: 27,00€ at
Setlist: Anathema

Berlin, 30.10.2014

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