My Bubba (6/10)
Start 20:15 / End 20:45
My Bubba is a duo composed by My from Sweden and Bubba from Iceland. Its latest album “Goes Abroader” came out last April and the duo is collecting always more positive consents touring as opener for different famous artists. The duo was alone on stage, two lateral lights, one chair and their delicate melodic voices, accompanied by Bubba’s guitar. Despite of this minimalism My Bubba managed to create with its contemporary Folk a warm and intimate atmosphere, a music that reminded to summery sunsets on the beach. Adding also some funny sketches and jokes with the audience during the songs, My Bubba conquered easily the heart of the listeners, that filled the theater with applauses when the duo left the stage.

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Damien Rice (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 23:55
After having left the Indie Rock band Jupiter, frustrated by the artistic requests of the label, Damien Rice choose to go on as singer-songwriter. After three albums, the latest one, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy”, produced by Rick Rubin and out in these days, Damien Rice has reached a deserved worldwide success, confirmed by a series of sold out shows in Europe, among them also the date in Berlin at the old theater Admiralspalast. Damien came alone to the stage, acclaimed by the audience, with his acoustic guitar and enlightened by some low yellow lamps. The result was about two hours of great songs, telling stories where everybody can find a piece of himself, enhanced by the magnificent voice of Damien. A voice able to delight the audience, to whisper sweetly or to fill powerful the whole theater. A bittersweet voice, sometimes melancholic and intimate, sometimes passionate, almost cathartic. Indeed an artist able to touch heart and soul of everybody who listen to him. At the end of his encore Damien had a duet with My Bubba on the nots of “I Remember”, closing a concert that will stay for a long time in the mind of the attendees.

Venue: Admiralspalast
Price: from 41,80€ to 52,80€ at
Setlist: Damien Rice

Berlin, 31.10.2014

  1. Laura Laura says:

    Oh Damien. Eres un dios.

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