Bellhound Choir (7/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:30
Opening act of the evening is Bellhound Choir, a singer and guitarist coming from Copenhagen. He is alone on stage with hit beautiful warm voice and his guitar. We don’t know anything about him – he also doesn’t speak much – except that his music sounds pretty much American and reminds us of post grunge and at the same time country music, especially in the use of the slide. However the tones are pretty much dark and melancholic and just fit in the definition that he gave to his sound, that is “dark country”. He just plays for half an hour, but he has somehow intrigued us. We hope to hear more from him.

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Blaudzun (8/10)
Start 21:00 / End 22:30
You might know him thanks to his single “Too many Hopes for July”, which has been aired on German radios for several months, but Blaudzun is way more than that. The Dutch singer and songwriter has already released four albums and has achieved a great success in Holland, especially with the release of his last record “Promises of a No Man’s Land” in 2014.
Tonight he plays at Bi Nuu, the cozy club under the U-Bahn station of Schlesisches Tor, in front of a warm audience that responds with great enthusiasm to Blaudzun and his music wandering from indie rock to folk.
The stage is brought to life by Blaudzun and his miscellaneous ensemble, made up of seven musicians each one with his personality. The result is a mix of passion, fun and energy that builds up slowly, often thanks to the use of percussions, and then explodes on the final part of each song with the music blossoming in a rising crescendo: every single instrument on the stage – from the violin to the trumpet – is now playing and creating this one sound that just moves something in you.
That is definitely one of the strengths of Blaudzun. However is also able to create an intimate and delicate musical moment when he embraces his “little lady” (a small guitar, as he calls it), comes on the very edge of the stage and sings to us a sweet song with his emotional voice.
Next time that Johannes Sigmond, aka Blaudzun, stops by Berlin, we definitely advise you to go and see him and his band, as what they convey to the audience during a gig can’t be unfortunately experienced on a recording.

Venue: Bi Nuu
Price: 17,20€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Blaudzun

Berlin, 03.11.2014

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