mouse on mars - 21 again - day2-41

Mouse On Mars – 21 AGAIN Festival – Day 2 (10/10)
Start 19:15 / End 3:00
So this is day 2 of the celebrations in honour of the 21st anniversary of Düsseldorf’s finest electronic duo Mouse on Mars. We are back at the Hebbel am Ufer in Kreuzberg again and are eager to find out what the band has in its quiver for today.
Enter Laetitia Sadier who introduces herself charmingly as Laetitia Mouse. The ex-Stereolab singer is alone on the big stage and plays a very acoustic set (the electric guitar notwithstanding) of some songs from her new album “Something shines”. She sings in english and french and delivers a very appealing short set of about six song miniatures that wake interest for more. She does a little bit of talking between the songs (“I saw a little Dracula this morning…”) and seems to be happy to be part of the whole show. After 20 minutes Laetitia Sadier leaves the stage only to appear again much later on another stage again.
After the usual short break the light goes down (a lot) and german Markus Popp (Oval) and iranian born singer Parissa Eskandari walk to their laptop stands. Popp lays the glitchy musical floor on which Parissa Eskandari starts floating like an ice princess. Her voice oscillating between Björk, Cocorosie, Nina Simone and herself, delayed, crushed and looped live by her. It’s an impressive show without a lot of show, though. Sometimes one could see a satisfied smile on both faces otherwise there was no interaction with the audience. Nevertheless friendly applause accompanied both artists leaving the stage again after about 30 minutes.
The next break is longer again because there is a lot of going on behind the stage curtain. Occasional string and brass sounds hint on what is about to happen next.
The Ensemble Musikfabrik directed by belgian conductor André de Ridder holds the stage now and performs the Mouse on Mars’ 2011 piece “Paeanumnion” together of course with Mouse on Mars. It’s a roller-coaster ride between classical music and electronic glitches. The musicians produce quite unusual sounds, too. They employ siren whistles and the percussionist even uses an empty tobacco package for one special occasion. The violin players use their bows to generate the sound of a floret fight and so on. In the background Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner are turning the knobs and seem to thoroughly enjoy their birthday party again. After about one hour the Ensemble, the Mice and the audience are glowing and the evening at the HAU1 is over but will continue in the HAU2 again.
At 22:20 the first live concert of Mikodo takes off.  Two drummers vis-á-vis on stage, Dodo NKishi and Mike Daliot, explain that nothing of the following show is prepared let alone rehearsed. Each drummer will react to the patterns the other one will make and let’s see what happens. What happens is 45 minutes drum marathon that leaves the audience speechless. It’s a rhythmically very tight show and the entrancing effect is intensified by the occasional singing/talking of both drummers. Absolutely spectacular.
The next item on the anniversary agenda is berlin based musician and computer scientist Errorsmith. Show-wise it might be a step backwards from the Mikodo gig but definitely not vibe-wise. Now the people even start to dance. Errorsmith is fantastically loud and has very intense bass sounds which i liked a lot. The simple but effective light show (already great at the Mikodo gig) enhances the good atmosphere. About 40 minutes later the stage gets prepared a last time for the closing Mouse on Mars show. They perform as trio together with the very Dodo Nkishi on the drums. Starting off with some technical problems that do not bother anyone in the audience at least they get in the mood quite quickly and seem to have a lot fun. They get some help during the show from Ya Tosiba’s singer Zuzu and Laetitia Sadier. Both are on stage for one song (each) and contribute their amazing voices.
I left after the great song performed together with Laetitia Sadier and so missed out on the Siriusselektor DJ-Set that concluded the whole birthday party. I was nevertheless very convinced.
Happy Birthday, MoM!

Pictures on Flickr as usual.

Venue: Hebbel Am Ufer
Price: 27,50€ at for each day

Berlin, 01.11.2014

  1. celiaamitsis says:


  2. Dirk says:

    it was so awesome! nice pics – thanks for the memory 😉 the Candie Hank and DJ Elephant Power set downstairs in WAU was also incredible!

  3. Jo says:

    Very nice pictures, indeed.
    By the way. The neons on stage were not done by Susan Philipz. Her work was the short song in-between lumio and Tyondai Braxton/Mouse on Mars. She sang from the off so wasn’t visible.

  4. celiaamitsis says:

    hello dothob,
    wasn’t sure if you knew about this and wanted to share it with you:


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