Fallujah (8/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:25
Fallujah is considered by many as a highly respectable institution of the Death Metal in the Bay Area: despite of several line-up changes the American band has evolved through the years, always showing great inventiveness. Formed in 2007, Fallujah has released two albums, the latest one, “The Flesh Prevail”, was out this summer. As firsts on stage, the band confirmed with a set of about half hour all the positive voices about it. Its mix of Technical Death Metal, Deathcore and Progressive Metal resulted incredibly fresh and variegated. The band core composed of Alex Hofmann on vocals, Andrew Baird on drums and Scott Carstairs on guitars offered an a great performance, that conquered without efforts the audience approval. We just hope to have soon the possibility of admiring Fallujah as headliner in Berlin.

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Malevolence (6/10)
Start 20:50 / End 21:15
Malevolence is a young band from England, that released its debut album “Reign of Suffering” about one year ago. The band played the shortest set of the evening, proposing a Crossover, that reminded to bands of fifteen years ago in this music style. Although it’s normal to expect from a young band of today more than a mix of Alternative Metal and Hardcore, we have to recognize that the band had a good live impact and the vocalist Alex Taylor made always his best to involve the audience, inciting it continuously to mosh and create circle pits. In the end a positive rest for hears and neck among the other infernal sets of Death Metal.

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Goatwhore (8/10)
Start 21:30 / End 22:10
Goatwhore is an American band formed in 1997 by the singer guitarist Sammy Duet after the break-up of his former band Acid Bath. Just this summer was released its latest work “Constricting Rage of the Merciless” and now is accompanying Dying Fetus during this European tour. Once  Goatwhore came to the stage, the doors of hell opened finally at Lido. The American band annihilated the audience with its impressive sound, created by merging Black and Death Metal, and enhanced by an always interesting songwriting. With the former Soilent Green vocalist Louis Benjamin Falgoust II, amazing for his modulated voice and his theatrical way, Goatwhore gave a performance that left the audience screaming “One more!” for long when the band left the stage. A show that will remain for a lot of time in the mind of the attendees, indeed.

Dying Fetus (9/10)
Start 22:25 / End 23:30
Formed in 1991 during the Death Metal’s golden age, Dying Fetus arrived to our days with unchanged violence, despite of numerous line-up changes that have left John Gallagher as unique original band member. Although its latest album “Reign Supreme” was released on Relapse more than two years ago, Dying Fetus is headlining now an European tour for the joy of the Metal lovers. It’s really hard to describe here the violence and the brutality of its sound, thinking that they are just three on stage. Dying Fetus offered its best, a set of about one hour of Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore and Technical Death Metal at the speed of sound. It was really a pleasure to see the venue full in a city like Berlin and the audience showed every second that it was there for Dying Fetus. More than the half of the venue was involved in moshing and circle pits, at the same time the crowd-surfing almost never stopped. Dying Fetus confirmed to be still a majestic band, leader in this Metal style and devastating in its live performance.

Venue: Lido
Price: 19,80€ at

Berlin, 14.11.2014

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