how to dress well - bang bang club - 15112014-25

Young Hare (7/10)
Start 20:20 / End 20:50
Young Hare is a duo from Frankfurt that’s stylistically somewhere on the continuum between electronics, dance and soul. Insofar a very good support for How to dress well who can be found not too far away on that continuum, too.  Martin Pfanzer loops his outerworldly singing and sometimes the guitar. Marc Krause on drums delivers the typically quite danceable beats. They had to cope with some technical problems apparently but I found them to be a great and very charming act and would like to see them again soon!

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How To Dress Well (9/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:25
How to dress well ist the brainchild of alt-R’n’B singer/songwriter Tom Krell. He’s on tour with three other musicians that seem to be close friends of him. It’s seems to be very familiar on stage, quite likeable. The show is very energetic and between the songs Tom Krell is very talkative and seems to enjoy his visit in Berlin. At least the audience was so much louder and more cheerful than in Hamburg the day before and he likes that very much. Krell who studied philosophy in Berlin a few years ago explains he had lived quite close to the Bang Bang Club then without knowing it. This is of course not a surprise because the BBC  reopened in Kreuzberg only this year.
The peak of the concert is Suicide Dream 1 from the 2010’s Love Remains album. At the end of this song Tom Krell even puts the microphones away and sings the last lines without amplification. Brilliant! The audience was enthralled and cheered enthusiastically. For the last song Krell demands to make the sound even louder “so they can feel it in their chests” and we did! Very impressive. After one encore the show is over and I think everybody in the audience and probably also on stage is very satisfied.

Pictures also on Flickr as usual.

Venue: Bang Bang Club
Price: 16,10€ at Koka36
Setlist: How To Dress Well

Berlin, 15.11.2014

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