Massimo Volume (7/10)
Start 21:30 / End 22:55
Massimo Volume, literally “maximum volume”, is an Italian rock band that formed in 1991 and belongs without any discussion to the story of the Italian rock music, having inspired dozens of rock bands. Disbanded in 2002 and reformed six years later to provide a soundtrack to a screening, under the pressure of the Turin Cinema Museum, Massimo Volume started playing live again and composing new material: its latest album “Aspettando I Barbari” went out about one year ago on La Tempesta records. The show in Berlin belonged to the current tour in Europe and was hosted in a basement of a dance studio, something really far away to the concept of a good concert venue. Once Massimo Volume made the 10 cm step to reach the small platform, used as stage, the venue was already quite full with the audience surrounding the band. Almost in the dark, Massimo Volume started playing “Manciuria (L´ultimo John Ford)” and then performed mainly songs taken from the latest album and from “Cattive Abitudini”. The last part of the set was featured also by old songs, among them the masterpiece “Il Primo Dio”, dedicated to the Italian poet Emanuel Carnevali. Emilio, Vittoria, Egle and the relative new Stefano confirmed to be in a good form and to be still a leader band in the Alternative Rock scene: its spoken word style, accompanied by poetic lyrics and walls of sound is something peculiar and still a model for the new bands. We only hope to admire soon Massimo Volume again in Berlin in a more convenient venue and condition: part of the audience were chatting annoyingly, disturbing the necessary atmosphere and concentration for a Massimo Volume’s show and a band of such a caliber deserves something better than a small dance studio.

Venue: Frevo Tanzstudio
Price: 11,00€ at Mondolibro bookshop
Setlist: Massimo Volume

Berlin, 22.11.2014

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