trans am - berghain kantine - 19112014-22

Majeure (6/10)
Start 21:00 / End 21:30
Nice music (think the drive soundtrack and the stuff you find on 20jazzfunkgreats), a good looking guy on keyboard and laptop but no show whatsoever, so musically a good fit to Trans Am but unfortunately not very interesting as a live act.

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Trans Am (10/10)
Start: 22:00 / End 23:25
‘What’s coming between fear and sex?’ drummer Sebastian Thomson asked.
Trans Am, the post-rock pioneers from Maryland enter the stage in a very good mood and deliver a very energetic  performance with a career spanning overview in their one hour show.
Trans Am are special in the post-rock genre because they employ several clearly rockistic elements in their music and especially in their shows. They play a lot with the looks of classic rock in their outfits and gestures a lot. The three seem quite friendly and very motivated to play in Berlin. They speak  some german and even tell some jokes between the songs, e.g. What’s the worst thing to be told after having sex with Willy Nelson? – I’m not Willy Nelson…
They are on tour with their new Album ‘X’ and they play some songs from this new album of which the classical ballad ‘I’ll never’ scored very high on my favourite’o’meter.
The audience is enthusiastic and I haven’t seen such a cheering for a while. After about one hour the concert is over for the first time but the crowd begs for more and we get a first encore with three more songs. After that the audience goes crazy and so they come up the stage for a second encore with one more song and then it’s a “lasst uns noch party machen” by the band and the show is finally over. A really great concert!
And the answer to the first question was of course Fünf!

Pictures as usual also on Flickr!

Venue: Berghain Kantine
Price: 15,40€ at
Setlist: Trans Am

Berlin, 19.11.2014

  1. Dirk says:

    Cool! was such an awesome show 🙂

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