Scene X Dream (6/10)
Start 20:40 / End 21:05
Scene X Dream is a German band formed in 1989. Its story isn’t among the most lucky ones: in 1995 its album “Colosseum” never saw the light due to the label insolvency and in the end it came out via Internet only in 2012. The band took a pause from 1999 till 2010, and now, after some line-up adjustments, is working on a new album “Identity”, that should come out in the next months.
The German band offered a set of classic Heavy Metal with some influences from Prog Metal and NWOBHM, enriched by the powerful voice of the frontman, that reminded a bit to Bruce Dickinson. Even if the few attendees didn’t show a big enthusiasm, the performance seemed to be well appreciated by the people standing in front of the stage. Scene X Dream didn’t shine for originality but it did his good damn job as opening act for Anvil.

Anvil (8/10)
Start 21:25 / End 22:55
Anvil has simply made the history of the Heavy Metal music. Formed in 1978 in Canada, it released after 35 years of Metal its fifteenth album “Hope In Hell” in March 2013 on The End Records and now it’s promoting it around Europe. Anvil was the first to have taken the NWOBHM sound and played it heavier, louder, faster and dirtier, setting in this way the basis for the birth of Thrash Metal and Speed Metal. Just to make the things clearer: bands as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax or Megadeth have never been existed without Anvil. Despite of its important contribute to the music history, Anvil has never reached a worldwide mass success: it faced different difficulties during its career but the Canadian band managed to reach a wider audience in 2009, thanks to a documentary film realized by a former teenage roadie.
Anvil came to the stage, acclaimed by the not numerous but very hot audience present in the venue, on the notes of the instrumental “March Of The Crabs”. The setlist proposed some songs from the new album like “Badass Rock’n’Roll” and “Hope In Hell”, without forgetting the hits of the first classical albums. It didn’t matter what song Anvil played: the whole show was a real party leaded by the evergreen frontman Steve-Lips-Kudlow. He didn’t stop moving for a second on the stage, he told stories and joked, he played his guitar with a dildo, he interacted with the audience, always with a big smile on his face that couldn’t do anything but spread good mood. In this funny atmosphere, the Canadian trio offered a majestic performance, where the new bassist Chris Robertson showed to deserve his spot on the band. Peak of the show maybe “Swing Thing”, where the three gave alternatively a solo: as expected Rob-Robbo-Rainer with his wide and rich drum set impressed the attendees with a monstrous drum solo of almost 10 minutes – nobody has to forget that we had in front of us the pioneer of the double bass drum technique! After an encore where Anvil played the epic “Forgied On Fire” and the manifesto of Speed Metal “Running”, the trio left the stage as kings, strong of the love of its fans and aware that keeping always doing what you like, and never accepting compromises, at the end always pays.

Venue: C-Club
Price: 24,90€ at Trinity Music
Setlist: Anvil

Berlin, 24.11.2014

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