Departe (6/10)
Start 19:00 / End 19:30
Punctually at 19 o’clock Departe, from Australia, started its set on the small stage of the room on floor 2 at K17, the Berlin temple regarding any sort of extreme kind of music. Even if the attendees in front of the stage were not more than a couple of dozens, Departe offered a convincing set, based mainly on not-banal Death Doom, that created a desperate and melancholic atmosphere: perfect as a horror movie soundtrack. Its songs were mostly quite long, composed by slow, cold and atmospherical passages, where the singer changed to clean vocals with positive results, interrupted suddenly by violent blasts with screamed and growls vocals. As evening opener and first of five bands, no one could expect something more!

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Gigan (7/10)
Start 19:50 / End 20:15
Gigan is an American band acclaimed by the critics for its ability of combining different styles into an extreme well-made mixture. The band proposed a short but hyper-violent set where the Technical Death Metal was the main actor. Gigan managed to enhance and vary this sound adding Jazz, Prog and experimental Industrial elements, obtaining something fresh that captured the audience attention. Great performance in general, where the guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Eric Hersemann (even with a theremin), and the gigantic singer frontman Easton Browne, giving his best with schizophrenic vocals, made the lion’s share.

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Solace Of Requiem (7/10)
Start 20:40 / End 21:10
Solace Of Requiem is an American band that proposed a technical blackened Death Metal, increasing the evil level of the evening. Even if its sound didn’t shine for originality, the band impressed for its technic and its songwriting, that managed to keep always high the interest of the audience. Solace Of Requiem released its new album “Casting Ruin” last August and many pieces were taken out of it. Full respect to the frontman Jeff Sumrell for his performance and for having tried with all his means to arouse and rock the quite damp Berlin audience.

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Wormed (8/10)
Start 21:35 / End 22:15
Wormed is a Technical Brutal Death Metal from Spain, that released its latest work “Exodromos” in March 2013. The Spanish band had the merit to wake up the audience, getting it closer to the stage and generating some mosh, usually standard things for a Metal show, unfortunately all strange facts for that evening. Wormed could be the apocalyptic soundtrack of an alien invasion: the band moved the classical gore concepts to new ones, focused in the outer space. All pieces were played at the speed of sound, with the inhuman voice of Phlegeton to hypnotize the venue: hard to understand how he can produce that sounds. You can only star at him, listening fascinated to such monstrosity. Wormed signed this year per Season Of Mist and it’s going to release something new soon: keep an eye always opened on this band!

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Ulcerate (8/10)
Start 22:35 / End 23:40
Ulcerate is one of the most famous Extreme Metal bands coming from New Zealand. The band started long time ago at the beginning of 2000 with dark oppressive Death Metal, and then it added during the time atmospherical passages, rhythmic textures and dissonant extreme elements, to get a more dynamic sound. Its latest and acclaimed album “Vermis” was released more than a year ago on Relapse Records and the band has reached by now a cult status in the extreme scene. Once Ulcerate started, the stage was on purpose full of smoky and illuminated by low red lamps, so that the band was hardly visible. Never mind because Ulcerate didn´t need any sort of special lights effects or graphic design: the power of its sound arrived clearly to the audience, that seemed to be kidnapped by the bleak atmosphere created by Ulcerate. A more-than-one-hour set that annihilated literally the brains of the attendees. It was like a mesmerizing flux of extreme violence, build up by the furious work on the drums of Jamie Saint Merat, by the sharp and blasting guitar of Michael Hoggard and completed by the vocals of Paul Kelland, able to bring the sound of Ulcerate towards Post-Metal shores.

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Venue: K17
Price: 16,50€ at

Berlin, 10.12.2014

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