The Shaking Sensations (7/10)
Start 19:45 / End 19:30
The Shaking Sensations is a Post-Rock band (one of the few who don’t shame to use this terms in the biography) coming from Denmark. Five on stage, the Danish band with a bass, two guitars and two drums showed to be able to master this material, offering a great performance that seemed to be very much appreciated by the audience. Even if the band didn’t shine for sound originality, it proposed a purely instrumental Rock full of melody and power, enhanced by the double drum work. Almost two years ago the band released its second album “Start Stop Worrying” and the third one should come out soon: The Shaking Sensations played live even two brand new songs that let us full of positive auspices for the upcoming release.

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Kruger (8/10)
Start 20:00 / End 20:45
Kruger comes from Swiss and released its latest album “Adam & Steve” just some months ago. To whom knows this band, it was clear from the beginning that its set was far away the heaviest of the evening: as Kruger itself said, its style combines “the thick Entombed sound, the roughness of Neurosis, and a bit of Tool lyricism”. Different from the other Instrumental Rock bands of the night, Kruger offered a powerful set of Post-Metal and Hardcore Punk that seemed to paralyze the attendees. Compact, merciless and heavier like a panzer launched at full speed, Kruger confirmed all its high value. Like always, the attention was mainly focused on the frontman Renaud, that screamed on his mic, like there won’t be any tomorrow, and jumped everywhere, like he was bit by a tarantula, embracing and kissing the fans among the audience. An amazing live performance for a band that we hope could reach soon a deserved mass success.

Ef (8/10)
Start 21:10 / End 22:10
Ef is a band from Sweden that celebrated last year the 10th year of existence releasing its fourth album “Ceremonies”. The band offered its set of Instrumental Rock, accompanied occasionally by clean vocals, to the many fans presented at the show for supporting the band. Ef played a harmonious music flux, almost continuously, like a sort of movie soundtrack: minimal melodic passages alternated with explosive and energetic parts, everything always permeated by melody and harmony. In the end Ef offered a really cathartic live experience, confirming to have reach today a primary spot among the kings of this Rock style.

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MONO (9/10)
Start 22:35 / End 23:45
Mono is an instrumental Rock band from Japan. Formed in 1999, the band has achieved since long time a worldwide success among the music lovers, receiving always extremely positive feedbacks from the critics at every new release. Just some months ago, Mono released two albums at the same time, both part of a whole: “The Last Dawn”, lighter and more melodic, and “Rays Of Darkness”, blacker and heavier. Mono’s style could be classified as Post-Rock, term hated by almost every musician, but its proposal is richer and variegated: Classical Music together with Shoegaze, mixed with Experimental Rock, Noise and Minimalism. Once on stage, all dressed with dark violet clothes like Ef before, Mono started with “Recoil, Ignite” acclaimed by the screaming audience, showing from the beginning its typical mix of joy and sorrow obtained through complex orchestral arrangements. Mono confirmed a very good form and every band member was perfect in the execution of the instrumental landscapes. The songs flowed like a homogeneous stream, touching high peaks of intensity and emotion, thanks to the use of extreme dynamics with the crescendos that are become a band trademark. The audience, often with closed eyes, followed kidnapped the hypnotic set and seemed to appear completely involved in the floating energy present in the venue. After 70 minutes and “Everlasting Night” as last song, Mono left the stage without giving any encore and leaving the fans with a bitter feeling because they couldn’t get enough of this!

Venue: C-Club
Price: 25,40€ at Koka36
Setlist: Mono

Berlin, 13.12.2014


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