mulatu astatke - yaam - 14122014 - 004

Mulatu Astatke (8/10)
Start 21:20 / End 22:45
The then father and now ambassador of Ethio-Jazz Mr. Dr. Mulatu Astatke is introduced by his band and enters the stage under big applause. The Yaam is tightly packed  and the crowd very cheerful. The small big band takes off and Mulatu Astatke shines on vibraphone, percussion and the piano. The band is a well oiled machinery that swings a lot.  Of course they play stuff from the Broken Flowers soundtrack especially Yekermo Sew. Mulatu Astatke  has made countless songs in his 50 years spanning career that immediately stick in your brain. Unfortunately most of their amharic titles don’t. At least not in mine. But I love the music.
If one slight word of critique is allowed here: the opening of the venue could probably be better organized than letting about 800 people wait in the almost freezing cold in front of the door before finally opening them and then taking forever (about one hour) to let them all in… at least it was warm inside.

Pictures  also on Flickr as usual.

Venue: Yaam
Price: 23,50€ at Koka36

Berlin, 14.12.2014

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