Extreme Precautions (7/10)
Start 20:20 / End 20:55
Extreme Precautions is the new project of the French musician Paul Régimbeau, aka Mondkopf. The related album was released last November and showed an interesting combination of Grindcore and Electronic, with synths from a horror thriller. Paul came on stage among low red lights reaching the table with laptop and instrumentation, already placed on the middle of the stage. Without any breaks, the French artist presented entirely his new project, with short and visceral pieces, all bounded together as a single flow. The audience seemed to follow interested the set, that showed live its harshness at its best. Even if sometimes it resulted a bit repetitive, the length of the performance was appropriated to appreciate his proposal, that we hope won’t be an isolated release.

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Electric Wizard (8/10)
Start 21:05 / End 22:30
Electric Wizard needs no presentations to every Doom lover. The English band formed in 1993, and after more than 20 years is still active with something to say, as its last album “Time to Die” confirmed some months ago. The Berlin date was the opening show of the now traditional CTM festival “for adventurous music and art”, that since years brings to Berlin always interesting and not conventional artists. Electric Wizard needed just some riffs at the beginning to show its validity: starting with “Witchcult Today” and then, confirming its good form with “Black Mass”, the English band reminded to everybody who rewrote the rule book of Doom, merging it together with Stoner, Sludge and Space Metal. The performance was accompanied by images projected on the widescreen, focusing on the classical lyrics themes of the band, like occult, witchcraft, and horror films. Jus &Co. gave a great show, where everybody couldn’t stop head-banging the whole concert. After almost 90 minutes, Electric Wizard left the stage without any encore, greeting quickly the audience, that stayed there literally stoned by the notes of the conclusive “Funeralopolis”. What else do you need on a Sunday evening?

Venue: Astra
Price: 26,98€ at
Setlist: Electric Wizard

Berlin, 25.01.2014

  1. DieterAckerman666 says:

    Ja ! Electric Wizard spielte die Show sehr schön. Sie sind eine der besten Heavy Rock und Roll-Bands nach Berlin in den Jahren zu besuchen. Ich freue mich darauf , sie nach Berlin , bald wieder !

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