Fjørt (7/10)
Start 19:30 / End 20:00
Fjørt is a young German band, that released its latest album “D’Accord” almost one year ago. The band came to stage earlier than everybody thought, and, after a five minutes Ambient intro, started with an instrumental part that created a surprising wall of sound. Fjørt sang mostly in German and presented a short half-hour set of heavy Hardcore with interesting Sludge and Post-Metal passages. No space for melodies or clean vocals, the German trio smashed the audience with no sympathy, collecting applauses and full support from the attendees.

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No Bragging Rights (8/10)
Start 20:20 / End 20:55
No Bragging Rights is an American band, formed in 1999 by the vocalist Mike Perez when he was fifteen. Today Mike is the only original member, and the band has released its new album “The Concrete Flower” last year, showing a good form and to have still something to say in the scene. The band started distributing already from the beginning fists on the face with its Melodic Hardcore, that sometimes show Rap-Core influences, reminding to immortal bands like Downset. Mike and his band jumped and brought to jump and mosh the first lines of the audience, that showed its devotion to No Bragging Rights. The American band was able to created a great atmosphere, mixing great powerful songs, with melodic pieces that functionally increased the positive rage, coming out from its songs. Mike told touching stories about his life and about the band, about the importance of the music community and how to keep fighting during the life. A great show that went beyond the music, even able to give you back the smile.

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Funeral for a Friend (8/10)
Start 21:15 / End 22:25
Funeral for a Friend is a band from Wales, formed in 2001, that has considered one of the prominent influences on the British Post-Hardcore scene. Its new seventh album “Chapter and Verse” has been released just some days ago, and the fans didn’t miss the occasion to taste live the new pieces, coming numerous to sell out the show at the small venue Cassiopeia. The band appeared on stage accompanied by the fans roar and started playing “Pencil Pusher”. Funeral for a Friend went on proposing a setlist composed by energetic pieces,  where the new songs worked well together with the old hits, always loyal to its typical trademark of Post-Hardcore, Emo and melodic Hardcore. Even if orphan of the bass guitarist Richard, FoaF offered an amazing show, well appreciated by the fans that danced, jumped and sang along the whole show. Matthew, Kris and Gavin confirmed to be really far away from the concept of star: they demonstrated to love what they do and to respect the fans that support the band. Once Matthew said goodbye after the last song, the fans couldn’t get enough of it and forced FoaF to play another song together with Mike Perez. The best conclusion for a great gig where all three band proposed its interesting projects inspired to different Hardcore styles.
Venue: Cassiopeia
Price: 22,55€ at Trinity Music
Berlin, 28.01.2015

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