Genghar (7/10)
Start 19:40 / End 20:10
Supporting Alt-J in their European tour and warming up their crowd, we find two young bands, both coming from the UK. The first of them is Gengahr, a new act with almost just a Soundcloud account – where you can find most of their materials – which got noticed by playing the BBC Introducing Stage last year. Their indie rock is greatly influenced by pop and glam rock. It is a short but pleasant set, that is appreciated also by Alt-J fans, thanks to the melodies and the mellow voice of the singer, Felix Bushe.

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Wolf Alice (7/10)
Start 20:30 / End 21:00
The second opening act is Wolf Alice, from North London. Their career started in 2010 but just two years later they’ve begun to be noticed by radios and critics. In 2014 they even performed at the Festival of Glastonbury and were named as “Best Breakthrough Artist” at the UK Festival Awards. Even though they take turns on the stage with Gengahr during this tour, their musical identity is pretty much different. They play an alternative rock with strong post grunge influences and their lead singer and guitarist, Ellie Rowsell, is a good rocker of slight built but gritty touch. We are impressed by their performance, not only because Wolf Alice are pretty distant from Alt-J’s world, but also for the quality of their gig despite the young age of the group members.

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Alt-J (9/10)
Start 21:30 / End 22:45
It’s hard to define Alt-J. If you look for definitions, you may find lots of tags referred to their music – such as “indie rock”, “art rock” or even “electronic” – but the truth is that none of them really represent Alt-J. In fact, their music is the result of a unique mix of many different genres and echoes, making them stand out from every other indie rock band of the last years. In both of their albums – the critically acclaimed “An Awesome Wave” and the new “This is All Yours” – Alt-J created new worlds of their own. And in this world we are taken already from the first notes of the concert: red lights draw the outlines of the band members and the syncopated accents of “Hunger of the Pine” starts to beat. The cold and the warm elements perfectly mix together in their music, just like Joe Newman (lead singer/guitar) greatly harmonizes with Gus-Unger Hamilton (keyboard/backup vocals): the icy electronic tunes meet the vocals, almost resembling sacred choirs, and melts in a unique way as in songs like “The Gospel of John Hurt” and “Bloodfood pt. II”, where a piano and a brass also show up along with the synth. On the setlist there are also many songs from the first album “An Awesome Wave”, such as “Fritzpleasure”, “Breezeblocks” and “Matilda”, which are always warmly welcomed by the audience, who also acclaimed the band to come on stage again for an encore. Alt-J played tonight in front of a sold out enthusiastic Columbiahalle. The crowd was charmed by the gig and listened to it with great attention and curiosity, enjoying the intensity of the music and the stunning light show, letting themselves float in such suspended and ethereal atmospheres. almost a trademark for a band eluding definitions like Alt-J.

Venue: C-Halle
Price: 39,40€ at Koka36
Setlist: Alt-J

Berlin, 11.02.2015

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